Friday, September 30, 2022

Home of Excellence: A Bachelor’s in Engineering

Education is a right and it is this right that enables one to make a living in the modern world. Science and technology have brought about social and Cultural Revolution in the world and it is this pursuit of knowledge and excellence that creates the leaders of tomorrow.

Thus it is an honour and duty of educational institutions to sculpt the next generation and gear them up with everything they need in order build and lead the future of their nation and the world.

Chitkara University, Punjab is among the best if not the best college for engineering in Punjab and one of the leading universities in India. Ever since their inception in 2002, they have constantly aimed at providing their students with best possible facilities and academic environment that is geared towards research and industry collaborations giving their students the edge over their peers from other universities.

Their engineering programmes have been ranked within top 50 in India as a result of their industry and research oriented curriculum that aims to provide their students the required expertise to be employed in some of the biggest MNCs in the world.

Being called the best college for engineering is no exaggeration when their students are constantly being recruited from over 500 companies and starting their own start-ups with government funded research projects worth INR 5 crores. Their strong academic heritage combined with their now vast and strong alumni base has created an environment that is well suited to foster academic and practical excellence in all fields of engineering.


Future Leaders

Spurred on by their success in engineering, their vision of shaping the leaders of the future has allowed them to sculpt one of the best MBA programmes in Punjab and the country. While their engineering programmes are well ahead of the pack their MBA looks good to their insistence on quality and universal applicability. Their curriculum focuses on providing their students with the right tools to judge and understand how global trade and financial markets work. They are taught the necessary elements of business management that makes them ready for everything the world can throw at them.

Their strength is their flexible curriculum that is based on current market needs and their faculty that understands that need for innovation among students and how their ideas can bring about the change in global economy in the future and teach them how to harness their potential and use their ideas to the fullest of its utility.

Their focus is on letting their students take decisions and learn by doing rather than simply mugging up answers. The unique learning environment along with competitive classroom programme ensures that their students are indeed at the forefront of business administration and are well equipped to take over as the next generation global leaders. Their 2 year MBA programmes are quickly becoming the envy of other B-Schools and are on the way of becoming one of the most revered MBA programmes in the country.

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