Saturday, April 20, 2024

Hamas leader calls for immediate halt to Gaza war ahead of Ramadan

Head of the politburo of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has urged immediate action across the Muslim world to force an end to the war in Gaza in the days remaining to the holy month of Ramadan.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Ismail Haniyeh urged heads of states, notable figures and clerics in Muslim countries around the world to expedite their political, diplomatic and legal actions to prevent the continuation of an Israeli aggression that has killed nearly 31,000 Palestinians in Gaza since early October.

“Our people welcome Ramadan this year burdened with pain and hopes, and our people are being exposed to the most horrific massacres in the genocidal war on Gaza,” Haniyeh said in the message.

He added there is a need for increased pressure on countries that support Israel to force the regime to “immediately and unconditionally” end its war on Gaza.

The senior Palestinians resistance leader also called for increased humanitarian assistance to the people in Gaza ahead of Ramadan as they will need more food, medicine and shelter during the holy month which will start around March 10 this year.

Haniyeh stated, however, that regardless of the onslaught committed by the Israeli regime in Gaza, the Palestinians have become more confident that resistance is “the legitimate way to end the occupation”.

“We reassure you, and all free people, that our people are increasingly committed to their land…and will confront all plots that aim to break up the Palestinian cause.”

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