Easy Mobile Numbers worth Thousands of Dollars

Mobile in hands

The possession of easy to remember phone numbers has become a game for Iranian aristocrats who are ready to pay thousands of dollars to have them.

According to a report by Entekhab, as translated by IFP, sellers of the easy to remember numbers say that unlike what many people think, cinema actors and artists are not the real consumers of such numbers. It is actually the football players who are willing to pay as much as $75,000 on a fancy mobile number.

Entekhab quoted a SIM card broker as saying, “Since a few years ago when the sales of easy numbers boomed in the country, the profiteers and opportunists abandoned other markets and started off dealing fancy numbers. This has led to a hike in prices.”

He went on to say that “four years ago, I had an easy to remember number that was worth around $17,000; I sold it for around $18,000 to the executive manager of a trading company. That mobile number is now worth around $148,000.”

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