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Cities to Consider When Choosing Your University

Choosing the right university is an essential step as you start to consider higher education. However, deciding on a city you want to move too (if you’re flocking your hometown), is even more difficult.

While the UK isn’t as vast or wide as America or Australia, there are still many exciting and beautiful cities to choose from. Carefully considering which city you think will suit you best is an important aspect of your university experience.

Below is a list of the top cities in the UK you should consider when choosing your university. Combining a mixture of nightlife, student property availability, average prices and general daily life; these cities are some of the best you will come across. Perhaps consider the city you want to move too then decide on the university within that city. Remember, choose a city you love and can see yourself living in for three or more years.


Home to over 50,000 students and four universities; Bristol is a top university city. The University of Bristol is one of the biggest out of the four since it caters for almost 22,000 students across the city and offers more than 200 undergraduate degrees. Located in the South West of England, Bristol has lots to do and provides a range of student accommodation for a variety of prices. Bristol has the 9th largest metropolitan economy in the UK and is home to countless restaurants, shops, and cultural institutions. Students love the town for many reasons; from the Bristol Cathedral to the zoo and even the iconic Clifton suspension bridge. In Bristol, you can spend your days off eating a picnic at the harbour or drink the night away in the city’s lively nightlife area.


Offering an unforgettable university experience, Liverpool is a North West city nestled between North Wales and the Lake District. This means it is right in the centre of all the action. Liverpool has a growing student population and offers everyone a great night out. Not only this, but there are a lot of new developments in student accommodation across the city as it is being regenerated. Property companies like RW Invest have had a significant impact on the student developments in Liverpool with many of their properties being modern, and perfect for the contemporary student.

Public transport is easily accessible throughout the city, and the cost of living is a great price too. The best thing about Liverpool is the nightlife mixed with the friendly people you will meet. Most students who move to Liverpool for university end up staying after their degree to pursue their career up North.


Taking this list down to the South of England, Brighton is a seaside town known for its pier and various exciting attractions across the city. Students enjoy living in Brighton as there is so much to do, and during the summer it gets good weather. Life by the sea as a student couldn’t get any better than when you’re sitting on a bench in Brighton. It is said to be one of the liveable cities in the UK. When deadline time arrives, you’re sure to find countless students revising for their exams on the seafront. Despite being a little more expensive than other choices on this list, it’s a bright and beautiful city to consider being a student in. A student city would be nothing without pubs and bars, so luckily, Brighton has more than enough to cater for the thousands of students living there.


Birmingham is typically known for its endless plethora of shopping outlets and shops, which is why students would love this Midlands city. At university, you will love a good sale deal, what better way to spend your loan? The Bullring allows students to shop till they drop, especially with their multiple student events throughout the year. Not only this, the city is home to 4 top universities that rank highly for their student satisfaction. Birmingham offers a range of culture, music and art for any aspiring student. As a university student, you would be able to visit the world-class museums or shop in the much-loved vintage markets in Digbeth. Plus, the nightlife is always booming in Birmingham. From the clubs on Broad Street to the bars in the Arcadian, it makes for a great night out.

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