Iran Forest

Iran, Germany to sign agreement on forestry cooperation

Iran and Germany are planning to sign an agreement to boost cooperation between the two countries in the field of forests and forestry.
Camp David-Arabs

Iran, Arabs, Israel; a geopolitical parody

In an opinion piece, Sharq daily looks at the Camp David Summit and what dissatisfied Arabs managed to gain in the US presidential retreat.
Rangin Dadfar Spanta

Kabul and Tehran can serve as driving force behind regional convergence

In an interview with an Iranian daily, the former Afghan foreign minister has weighed in on Tehran-Kabul relations in the past and at present.

Syrian Opposition has to accept Iran in Geneva-3

The international community has digested the fact that regional problems cannot be solved in Iran’s absence, says a former ambassador.
Camp David

Little expected to come out of Camp David

Alef, an Iranian news website, examines the Camp David Summit and what will come out of it, both for the host and the guests.

Iran’s nuclear case, a sign of waning Arab powers

Arman-e Emrooz has in an opinion piece said that Iran – a regional heavyweight – can have a big say in the formation of new regional and world order.
President Rouhani

President Rouhani welcomes Iraqi counterpart (PHOTOS)

During a ceremony at Saadabad Palace, President Rouhani officially greeted his Iraqi opposite number.

Yemeni crisis: Arab media on the same wavelength

Alef, an Iranian website, has taken a critical look at the news coverage of the Yemeni crisis, saying that the Arab media are manipulating the facts in the Saudi favor.

Saudi airstrikes against Yemen strategic mistake: President Rouhani

All humans need to be treated as equals and that is the message of the Iranian Red Crescent to Yemen, Syria and people in distress in any other country, the president said.
Middle East Rally

The International Middle East Rally Championship (PHOTOS)

Images of an international rally competition in southern Iran.