Sabah Zangeneh

Sabah Zanganeh is a senior political analyst who used to serve as Iran's ambassador to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Has Saudi Arabia Come to Terms with Iran?

Some experts analyzing the Arab world affairs take the recent agreement between Iran and OPEC over output cut as a move by Saudis to come into terms with Iran. But is that really the case?

American Arms Fanning Flames of Regional Tensions: Analyst

An Iranian political analyst says the US is fueling regional instability by selling arms to several Arabic countries now that President Barack Obama is spending his final days in office.

Europe’s willingness to cooperate with Iran on regional matters

A former Iranian diplomat has said that the Syrian refugee crisis and Russia’s military war games off the coast of Syria have caused the Europeans to turn to Iran for solving regional crises.

There won’t be a thaw in Tehran-Riyadh ties under King Salman: Expert

Zanganeh says King Salman is unlikely to seek to ease tensions with Iran given the presence of security-minded people in his royal court.

On the horns of dilemma

An Iranian foreign policy expert weighs in on whether Iran should become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

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