Abbas: US to fulfill commitments under Biden

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called on the Biden administration to live up to its commitments regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

Palestinian Authority expects the United States to fulfill its obligations on peaceful resolution of the Middle East conflict, Abbas told Sputnik.

“The US administration [according to President Joe Biden] considers us partners in peace negotiations, believes in solving the conflict through the creation of two states, opposes settlement activities … We are waiting for the fulfillment of these US commitments,” Abbas said.

Abbas also added that Biden told him that his administration’s policy differs from the one pursued by his predecessor.

Abbas stated that he expects the US consulate in East Jerusalem to resume operations.

“The decision to reopen the US consulate in Jerusalem is part of the obligations of the US administration … We will not accept anything else, since East Jerusalem has been an occupied city since 1967, it is the eternal capital of the Palestinian state,” Abbas continued.

According to Abbas, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US consulate will provide services to the Palestinians work with the US State Department directly, and be independent of the US embassy to Israel.

Abbas expects to discuss ways to revive a political dialogue in Palestinian Authority with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their bilateral meeting in Moscow on Tuesday.

“During the visit, ways of reviving the political process will be discussed … We have previously stated our desire to hold an international peace conference under the auspices of the Middle East Quartet in accordance with international resolutions, and therefore we are confident in Russian support for our efforts in this direction,” Abbas added.

The Palestinian leader also intends to “consult” with Putin and inform him about the latest developments in the region.

Palestinian Authority will hold general elections when Israel gives permission to hold them in East Jerusalem, Abbas added.

“We will hold elections in Palestine [parliamentary and presidential] as soon as we receive permission to hold them in Jerusalem. Earlier, elections were held in Jerusalem, according to agreements signed between the two sides,” Abbas continued.

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