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6 Tips to Get Your Remarketing Campaign Right

Setting up of remarketing campaigns depends entirely upon your business goals and the type of customers you want to target. You can attain tremendous results in remarketing campaigns by using the right strategies.

We go through some tips and suggestions that you should keep in mind while setting up your remarketing campaigns. Setting up a remarketing campaign right will help to boost return traffic to your website and enhance conversion rates. Let us learn ways to optimize a successful remarketing campaign.

Learn how to bring back your website visitors in the most effective ways. No matter if you are just a fresher looking to enhance your remarketing campaigns or an experienced trying to get your remarketing campaign right.

● Up-sell or cross-sell to existing customers

Customers who have already purchased from your website may also be interested in the companion products offered by you. Try creating a list of your converted customers. We know that you will have a small list of your website visitors, but they are aware of your products or services. They might also be interested in your other similar offerings. Customize ads specifically for this group and get going.

● Using Dynamic Marketing

Google ads product suggestion engine is beneficial for businesses. It helps to show products and services to people who have already viewed them on your website. Not only this, but the suggestion engine also decides which ad copy will perform best for which ad and the device your audience is using. Hence, in just a few clicks, your job is done with dynamic marketing.

● Use auto-targeting

Display network campaigns are by default using conservative auto-targeting. This helps to display your ads to the audience, which is identical to the ones; your business has already targeted. The reach of your ads is also extended with aggressive auto-targeting. Learn more about targeting options and implement them to your remarketing campaigns to get great results.

● Try showcasing different product categories

Try showcasing different product categories to your audiences. Creating different remarketing lists for different product categories will help you achieve your goal. Create different product categories, and the URL for each list will contain the category name that allows differentiating better.

● Reach customers with a certain period after they have finished a purchase

If you predict that customers will certainly purchase from your business after their initial interaction, probably wait. Give them some time to think and make a purchase. A remarketing list with specific membership duration will help you achieve this objective. For instance, if you are planning to target people who purchased within the last 30-90 days. Then choose to create two lists, one with a 30-days time limit and the other with 90-days duration.

● Try targeting a similar audience

While creating a remarketing campaign or simply when editing the targeting options from an existing ad group, you can play around during the selection of the audience. Choose to target similar audiences. It is one of the best ways through which you can target people who share almost the same characteristics with people who are already there in your remarketing list.

● Re-Engage people with abandoned shopping carts

There are instances where people put some products in their cart but don’t complete their order. You can understand that they were very close to making a purchase but were not able to do so due to some of the other reasons. Take it as an excellent opportunity to reach out to such customers and help them purchase from your site. Target this pool of customers by creating a remarketing list to target “Visitors of a page who did not visit any other page.” You should also choose to specify the URLs of your shopping cart page or use the URL of your order confirmation page.


We all are targeted using remarketing campaigns through several eCommerce websites or any other brand. The purpose of remarketing is to catch up with your website visitors who once visited and just left. Try re-engaging with them in an experiment to bring them back. It gives brands the opportunity to get in front of the sight of people who are already attracted although the concept of remarketing is prepared in several different forms.

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