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5 Tip-Top Travel Health Tips

Heading abroad to explore cool and exotic places is incredibly exciting. However, it’s not without its risks – one of which being health problems.

In a new environment, that your body is unfamiliar with, you’re at a greater risk of getting ill. And depending on the types of activities you’ll be participating in, your chances of getting injured might be increased too.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid going on holiday altogether – quite the opposite. As long as you’re careful and take some precautions, there’s nothing to stop you from having a vacation that’s safe but also spectacular.

With that in mind, here are five fantastic travel health tips. Sit back and take note of them.

  1. Research

The first thing you should do when heading abroad is research the health risks associated with your destination. Consider factors like the weather – is there a high risk of hypothermia or dehydration? Whether there are poisonous insects and animals lurking about, as well as common contagious diseases. By familiarizing yourself with the dangers, you’ll be better placed to take the necessary precautions.

  1. Vaccinate

If you’re travelling to a location where infectious diseases such as hepatitis, malaria and typhoid are prevalent, you should check what vaccinations are available and which ones are required. A good place to look is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Some vaccines require more than one dose and need to be administered weeks or even months in advance of travel, so be organized.

  1. First aid kit

Whether you’re going to be taking part in extreme outdoor activities or simply plan on strolling about from one tourist spot to another, you should pack a small first aid kit. This way you’ll be prepped for dealing with any minor injuries, such as cuts and grazes. You can buy travel health kits, however if you’d prefer to customize your own,  this NHS travel health article lists the contents of a basic kit.

  1. Eat healthy

When you’re busy travelling from place to place, healthy eating is unlikely to be high on your radar. Instead, you grab food wherever you can and indulge yourself by sampling local cuisine at restaurants, food stalls and fast food outlets. This is okay on occasion, but for the most part you need to ensure that you’re eating fresh, healthy and nutritious foods, that help keep your immune system nicely boosted – so your body can quickly adapt to your new environment.

  1. Drive

Don’t start your travels, sat on an uncomfortable train or bus seat – drive to the airport instead. In your car, with your seat perfectly adjusted for your body, you’ll be able to avoid the nasty musculoskeletal conditions that come about from using poor quality seating. Remember to book some parking too – for great deals for hubs across the globe like LA and London, check out airport parking site

Follow these tips and you’ll be well prepared to deal with any health hazards that might try and trip you up on you next holiday.

That’s our list. Share your travel health tips in the comments section.

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