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5 Reasons Why Non-History Majors Should Study Civil War

It is inevitable for a student aiming for a history degree to study the Civil War. The Civil War was a battle in the United States fought from 1861 to 1865 between the Northern States (Union) and the Southern States (Confederates). This historical event of enormous importance started because uncompromising inequality between the free and the slave states with the aim to get rid of slavery.

Although this is a historical event, it is not limited to history only. Students majoring in sociology, politology, liberty arts and many other disciplines often have to seek information about this event and look for great Civil War essay topics because they need to explore the influence of the Civil War and the effects it had within their terrain. And what can be a better source of information than academic works of high quality? That is one of the reasons why Civil War research papers are highly in-demand.

In this article, we will elaborate on other reasons why you should study such major events and why schools and colleges need to prioritize it in their history course.

1.   It Abolished Slavery

Slavery arose as one of the forms of discrimination and white supremacy in the US. It was an inhumane and offensive form of lifestyle. One of the crucial impacts Civil War had was getting rid of this dominance and completely changing the way of life Americans had. Along with this change, abolishing slavery required changes on governmental and constitutional level. Art of those times has become a great source of inspiration to fight against racism still active in society today. Moreover, it planted the seeds of antiracism in every other country around the world. Learning about the Civil War is a chance to be educated about history and its wrongdoings to understand what long-lasting effects it has on the nation.

2.   It Created a New Industrial America

Among the many Civil War impacts, one of the other historical importance was the development of industrial sectors, especially in the South. People made everything from scratch, and anything that needed production was done in the north or abroad. One of the reasons you should study history is to understand how the Civil War pushed the creative sector of the South to launch itself into the significant economic world. Today, the South has welcomed its share of big industry, manufacturing, technology, and business. Thus, this time is significant for the people in technical majors and not just students majoring in history.5 Reasons Why Non-History Majors Should Study Civil War 2

3.   Literature

Among what long-lasting effects the Civil War has on the nation, literature is a highly prominent one. During the civil war, people of all ages, social status, beliefs, and genders wrote about what they saw. There are many journals, diaries, memoirs, and art that still survives today and are taught to write and research students of related majors. Learning about this through history classes has proven beneficial to people majoring in literature and English as well.

4.   Understand Beliefs and Convictions

While the effects of the Civil War were among the most heartbreaking incidents for thousands of families, this event can help to understand what kinds of beliefs and convictions compel people to break apart. This event can increase many thought-provoking discussions and lessons about the readiness of a person to risk everything for their principles. The discussion is one of the reasons why you should study history. In many ways, it teaches every individual to respect their principles and voice against injustice. Thus, self-reliance is what long-lasting effects the civil war has on the nation.

5.   Relevancy

Most information from a history degree is beneficial and relevant in the world today. The Civil War is one of the few events that is still actively being told and retold. Whether in the lands that are currently protected by the Civil War Preservation Trust or media-based subculture in different networks, every American is reminded of its impact almost every day. Because it is so highly relevant in everyday life, it is something that everyone and not just those majoring in history, should prioritize in understanding.

Every historical event has some impact on the present-day world. To understand the present better, every student should prioritize learning about such major events as the Civil War which has reshaped our society and made it as we know it today.

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