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5 Reasons to Enrol on Distance Learning Course

Education can open many doors, but no matter how passionate you are about learning, finding the time to fit formal study into your life can be difficult.

This is where distance learning comes in– it allows you to study remotely using online resources and is therefore ideal for people with busy lives and those who don’t fancy the campus-based learning experience.

Let’s delve deeper by looking at five fantastic reasons to enrol on a distance learning course.

  1. Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of enrolling on a distance learning course is that there’s no set timetable. You’ll still have deadlines, but how and when you work towards them is entirely up to you.

This added flexibility means you can fit study more easily around other obligations such as work and earn while you learn. It’s therefore a great option for workers looking to advance their careers, but who can’t afford to leave their current role.

  1. Home study

With all of your learning materials readily available online, distance learners have the luxury of being able to study from home.

This means there’ll be no chaotic campus commute or time spent worrying about being late for class. Instead, you can focus firmly on the things that matter most – your studies.

If you’ve not had much experience in home studying, this article from news site HuffPost has some great productivity tips.

  1. Learn something new

Distance learning is your chance to fuel your enthusiasm for something you’re passionate about by delving deeper into the discipline.

Plus, not only do you get to learn new and interesting things, you get to experience a modern and innovative way of learning whilst attaining a qualification with the same value as a campus-based course.

  1. Freedom

One of the most daunting aspects of signing up for formal study is the commitment required. You’re signing away years of your life to attending a single learning institution, which can seriously limit what you can do outside of your studies.

However, you’re less tied down on a distance learning course because campus attendance is rarely (if at all) required. So you can move house or change job and in most cases it will have a minimal impact on your studies.

  1. Online learning platform

If you choose to enrol with an online course provider such as Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning, you’ll have access to a high tech online learning platform like Canvas.

Here, you’ll be able to work your way through fun and interactive study activities, engage with fellow students through discussion boards and get support and feedback from tutors.

Canvas is available on mobile devices too, so you can take your studies wherever you go and maximise your study time.

The benefits of distance learning are far-reaching and while there’s nothing wrong with a campus-based education, there’s no denying that the perks of distance learning make it an exciting alternative.

That’s our list! Share your thoughts on distance learning in the comments section.

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