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Caspian seals0

Caspian seals rescued from the trawl (PHOTOS)

Russia allows as many as 10,000 seals to be hunted on a yearly basis.
Muddy artist

Muddy artist points up water crisis in Iran

A man in mud, Masoud Nikdel, brings his routine activities to a standstill to artistically say that water crisis is a serious problem in Iran.

Asiatic cheetah on the prowl

Kooshki was handed over as a gift by a hunter to the Environment Protection Organization when he was a cub.
city councilor-Bandar Abbas-8

A city councilor takes a dip, of a different sort

Environment activists have been protesting for years but their efforts to stem the flow of dirty water into sea have not produced any results yet.

Life of an environmentalist in photos

Kamran says he has gone through many books to learn more about ways of helping the environment and wildlife.

Asiatic cheetah-themed airliner takes to Iranian skies

A Meraj Airlines Airbus A320 on whose nose the image of an Asiatic cheetah has been painted has taken to the sky for the first time.

What is the solution? Water imports or efficient management?

An Iranian news website has quoted environment experts as blaming mismanagement for water shortages in Iran.

An act of kindness toward animals (PHOTOS)

The couple believes this small act of kindness brings peace and blessings to their lives.

Trash pileup lures bears to a campsite

A stack of waste in a mountainous area has lured a mother bear and her cubs to go there to collect food, but environmentalists are concerned about the health of the mammals.

Construction of petrochemical complex in Makran needs permit: Ebtekar

The construction of a petrochemical complex and steel complex in Chabahar and Makran coasts depends on precise environmental assessments, said Ebtekar.

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