Sunday, September 25, 2022

VP: World has learned about Iran’s logical position

Iran’s first vice-president has said that Iran, which is a regional heavyweight, can help restore stability in the region.

Iran’s first vice-president says that the country is walking down the right path and the world has learned about the logical stance of the Iranian nation.

Eshagh Jahangiri made the remark during a trip to Kerman Province on Monday. The following is a partial translation of what else he said as reported by the Islamic Republic News Agency:

Jahangiri said that Iran is a key player in the region, adding that super powers are aware that they should work in cooperation with Iran if they seek to pursue any plan on peace and stability in the region.

He further said that Iran, which is the center of stability and calm, can build on its influence and help restore stability and security in the region.

Efforts to implement plans [on regional stability] will result in failure if the Islamic establishment is not consulted, he said.

The vice-president went on to say that Iran has made planning for its international and economic advances, adding that the country is determined to rely on its domestic potential and continue its march toward progress.

This comes as major powers that have imposed unjust sanctions on Iran have come to the conclusion that the language of force and bullying do not work when it comes to Iran, he said, adding that’s why they have to talk with the Iranian nation through logic and honest words.

Jahangiri then said that the government is looking for a way to have the sanctions lifted as it maintains the rights and dignity of the Iranian people.

He hailed Iran’s [national] capacities and said that the country has good maritime, mining and industrial potential to tap into to make even more progress.

He said that Kerman Province sits on rich copper and iron reserves and this gives the country an economic edge.

The first vice-president also credited the country’s young experts for the national success and said that the stage has been set for Iran to make economic headway.

He said that the country’s problems are expected to be removed on all fronts in the year designated by the Supreme Leader as the “Year of Government and Nation; Solidarity and Harmony”, hoping that all sectors in Iran could flourish this year.

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