Saturday, October 1, 2022

VP Underlines Gender Equality in Iranian Society

Shahindokht Mowlaverdi, Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs, has stressed the necessity for observing equality of men and women in obtaining social opportunities if the country is to develop evenly in all areas.

In an interview with Ebtekar newspaper, as translated by IFP, Mowlaverdi said that certainly, once equality is ensured in the society, the path to realization of justice will be paved by itself; and everyone, no matter what sex they may belong in, will enjoy the social and family status they are fit for depending on their capabilities and qualities.

She said no woman would ever choose to be in a position where she might hurt her physical and emotional health, just like no man would seek roles that would be incompatible with their spirit; hence, complementary roles with equal opportunities for all.

“On the other hand, the Iranian society has seen eye-catching progress in many areas over the past few years, including in health and education sectors; however, things are yet to reach a favorable level for creation of equal chances for women to step in decision-making levels and women are still overlooked in many cases where do could have otherwise had a say,” the official added.

-What to do?

“Well, I have to tell you that the country would go nowhere without creation of a general consensus in the society that men and women, as human capitals, must be exploited equally in order to ensure sustainable development.”

Besides men, women’s savvy, experience and skills must be employed so that the fairer sex, which happens to take over half of the population, is no longer viewed as an appendage to the other half, i.e. men, she added.

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