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‘US, Zionist Regime and neo-Ottoman current unable to damage Islamic Revolution’

A Tehran-based journalist and political activist warns of the ‘Military Playfulness’ of some regional countries that ‘were part of Iran in less than a century ago.’

Referring to the latest anti-Iran provocations by the Azerbaijan republic, Mohammad-Kazem Anbarlouei wrote in Resalt Newspaper that the mistake of the United States, the Zionist regime, the Wahhabi terrorists and the “neo-Ottoman” current is that they think, by tampering with the borders, they can create chaos and damage the Islamic Revolution.

The full article is as follows:

Sun Tzu writes in his book Art of War, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

The superpowers who did not tolerate the good life in Iran under the banner of the Islamic Revolution have made some mistakes over the past four decades. The mistakes not only did not harm Iran in the least but they also added to the clout and grandeur of the Islamic Revolution, established the power of the Iranian nation and expanded its sphere of influence in the region and the world. The enemy’s mistake was as focused such that they first sought “military playfulness”. They began with civil war and assassinations. Then they took it a step further and launched border attacks and occupied the Iranian territory and the aggression later escalated into war crimes. What was the outcome of the aggression and military invasion?

The enemy’s latest moves show that they do not intend to see what their mistakes were that led them to this point.

The enemy does not want to understand the fact that Iran has no territorial claims, even though 10-15 countries around it were part of Iran until 300-200 years ago. But some countries that did not exist until less than a century ago and were part of Iran are provoked by the East and the West to engage in “military playfulness”, even though they will fall apart with the slightest prodding. The enemy declines to accept why the Zionist regime, which brought the Arab armies to their knees in the 6-day war, cannot overcome the strong military will in Lebanon, Gaza and Syria, though it be more powerful than 40 years ago, and it begs for ceasefire after 33 days or 22 days or 55 days of fighting.

“Proxy war” has its own rules and etiquette. If its rules are not followed, it is going to be like shooting oneself in the leg. What happened to the conspiracy of the United States and the West with the provocation of Saddam and the east of the country with Takfiri groups? In response to the “military playfulness” in the northwest of the country, the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution gave the following words of advice to the warmongers and conspirators who are committing a strategic mistake, and sincerely forbade them from going downing this catastrophic path:

1-Providing security by relying on others is an illusion.

2-If someone digs a pit for his brothers, he will fall into the pit first.

3-Those who rely on others for their security will get slapped in the face.

4-The presence of foreign armies in the region brings destruction.

5-The solution to the incidents in the northwest is to prevent the intervention of foreign armies in those countries. It’s unclear why Azeri President Ilham Aliyev is engaged in saber-rattling [against Iran]. This is while his father Heydar Aliyev called for accession to Iran following the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

When Iran’s top military commander General Qassem Soleimani was martyred, only on Facebook, 80,000 young people from the Republic of Azerbaijan published messages of solidarity with the Iranian nation and wept in mourning for him. The Hosseinioun Brigade alongside Hezbollah, the Fatemoiun Division, the Zeinabioun Division, and other Iranian freemen stood up against the Daesh terror group and eradicated this evil tree which is rooted in the court of our time’s Muaviyeh and Yazid and threw them into the trash bin of history. The mistake of the United States, the Zionist regime, the Wahhabi terrorists and the “neo-Ottoman” current is that they think, by tampering with the borders, they can create chaos and damage the Islamic Revolution. The enemy is in a state of bewilderment in answer to the question of why Iran has no border claims and has based its strategy on the independence of countries and the preservation of the territorial integrity of its neighbors. The answer is clear: Iran enters from people’s hearts according to the military strategy of the Great Prophet of Islam before entering any geographical border. Our main territory and opponent is not the border of Islamic Revolution’s enemies, but the heart of our adversaries. The Islamic Revolution is a divine and human discourse. The logic of the Prophet of Islam and the Holy Quran is in line with the labyrinth of human minds. This logic does not fit into the geography of the earth and time and its capacity extends to eternity. The Islamic Revolution is a global revolution and its main audience is the Muslims of the world and then all of humanity.

This revolution proceeds with the logic of the victory of blood over the sword. I wish the United States and the Zionist regime and the three evil European countries understood the words of Martyr Qassem Soleimani well: “We are the nation of martyrdom; we are the nation of Imam Hussein; we are the man of this field. You know this war means the destruction of all your resources. You start this war, but we determine the end.” If the evil deeds of the Zionists continues on our borders, all the occupied territories, especially Tel Aviv and Haifa, will be under the fire of dour drones and precision missiles. This threat alone is enough for them to stop their military playfulness.

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