UAE recalls envoy from Beirut, advises citizens not to travel to Lebanon

The United Arab Emirates (UEA) has announced the withdrawal of its ambassador from Lebanon and advised its citizens not to travel to the country. It follows recent comments made by a Lebanese minister over Saudi-led war on Yemen.

The UAE, in solidarity with Saudi Arabia, has announced the withdrawal of its diplomats and advised citizens not to travel to Lebanon, Emirates News Agency (Wam) reported on Saturday.

The decision comes days after comments made by the Lebanon’s information minister – against the legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen – put fresh strains on Gulf-Lebanese relations.

The comments by George Kordahi in an interview he stated was recorded on August 5, nearly a month before he took office, circulated heavily on social media.

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has announced that the comments were considered polemics that contradict diplomatic norms and the history of Lebanon’s relations with the countries of the coalition, according to Wam. It also denounced them as reflecting Lebanon’s growing distance from its Arab brothers.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait also summoned their respective Lebanese ambassadors over the statements.

The Kingdom expelled its Lebanese ambassador and banned all imports from Lebanon.

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