Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Lebanon PM says seeking détente with Saudi Arabia

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati says he is after resolving the ongoing tensions with Saudi Arabia and a few other Arab countries. He urged Information Minister George Kordahi, who has recently criticized Saudi-led war on Yemen, to make national interests a “priority”.

Lebanon FM: Saudi Arabia dictates “impossible terms”

Saudi Arabia is dictating impossible terms by asking Beirut to reduce the role of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday.

Analyst: Saudis don’t know what to do with Iran influence in Lebanon

The Saudis know what they don’t want — growing Iranian influence in Lebanon — but they don’t know what to do about it, Joseph Bahout, research director at the American University of Beirut, believes. He stated Riyadh doesn’t want a government with Hezbollah as strong.

FM: Lebanon, Saudi crisis not to be resolved through negotiation

The recent diplomatic crisis between Beirut and Riyadh cannot be resolved through negotiations, Lebanon's top diplomat says. The row began after a Lebanese minister stated Saudi Arabia-led war on Yemen was an act of aggression.

Saudi Arabia seeking to instigate chaos in Lebanon: Ex-diplomat

Iran’s former chargé d'affaires to Riyadh says Saudi Arabia and a few like-minded Arab countries pushed to expel Lebanon’s ambassador to Riyadh, seeking chaos in the country.

Lebanon hopes to ease tensions with Arab states

Beirut is hoping to soon calm tensions with the Persian Gulf countries, Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib said on Saturday. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait, have given Lebanon's envoys 48 hours to leave their countries over comments by a Lebanese minister, slamming Saudi-led war on Yemen.

Kuwait gives Lebanon envoy 48 hours to leave the country

Kuwait has given Lebanon's ambassador 48 hours to leave the country. It has also recalled its ambassador from Beirut for consultations. The move comes after Saudi Arabia and Bahrain ordered the expulsion of the Lebanese envoys following comments by Lebanon’s information minister criticizing Saudi-led war on Yemen.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain expel Lebanon envoys over Yemen war

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain ordered the expulsion of the Lebanese ambassadors on Friday. The move comes following comments by Lebanon's information minister criticizing Saudi-led war on Yemen.

Four nations summon Lebanon envoys over Yemen war criticism

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait have summoned Beirut’s ambassadors after Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi called for an end to the Riyadh-led aggression on Yemen. The Saudi-led brutal war has killed tens of thousands of Yemenis, displaced millions more and thrown the country into the ‘worst humanitarian catastrophe.”

Lebanon judge charges dozens over deadly Beirut clashes

A Lebanese judge has charged 68 people for the recent fatal unrest in Beirut. Seven people were killed and dozens more wounded in clashes, said to be the worst street violence in years in Lebanon.

Lebanon arrests more people following bloody Beirut events

The Lebanese security service arrested several more people for their involvement in the recent bloody events in Beirut. On Thursday, armed confrontations took place in the streets of the capital which left seven people dead and dozens injured.

Lebanon army detains nine people following Beirut clashes

The Lebanese army has announced the arrest of nine people in relation to the deadly unrest in Beirut on Thursday. Lebanese President Michel Aoun has vowed people who were responsible for the violence would be held accountable. The chaos was the worst street violence over a decade in which six people were killed and dozens more injured.

Iran: Lebanon along with resistance to overcome seditions rooted in Zionist regime

The Islamic Republic of Iran has condemned the recent killing of the protestors in Lebanon, saying Tehran believes Lebanese government, people and army along with the resistance movement will overcome the seditions and conspiracies that have their roots in the Zionist regime.

Several killed, wounded in Lebanon gunfire

Heavy gunfire rang out in the Lebanese capital on Thursday during protests against the lead judge investing the fatal Beirut port blast. The incident has claimed at least six lives and left dozens injured. The Lebanese army troops have been deployed to squash the unrest.

Probe into Beirut blast paused again

A probe into the huge explosion at Beirut port last year has been halted again after two former Lebanese ministers facing charges in the case, lodged a new legal complaint against the investigator.

Iran: Tankers carrying fuel to Lebanon escorted by naval forces

The commander of the Army's Naval Force says Iranian tankers carrying much-needed fuel for Lebanon have been escorted by naval forces.

Lebanon: No fuel, no electricity

Lebanon's two biggest power stations stopped working on Saturday due to the shortage of fuel. The months-long crisis has left the middle-Eastern country without state-supplied electricity. The power outage is expected to continue for several days.

Beirut blast investigation halted for second time

A probe into the deadly explosion at Beirut port, two years ago, has been suspended for a second time after a former senior official asked for dismissing of the chief investigator from the controversial case.

Power firm warns Lebanon headed for complete blackout

Lebanon's state electricity company warned on Thursday the country could plunge into a total blackout by the end of September as its fuel oil reserves dwindle.

Lebanon new government wins parliament confidence vote

Lebanon’s new government on Monday won a vote of confidence from parliament, putting an end to the 13-month political deadlock that has gripped the country.

EU lawmakers call for Lebanon sanctions over ‘corruption’, ‘Beirut blast’

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for the EU to adopt targeted sanctions on Lebanese officials said to be engaged in corruption and obstructing the Beirut Port explosion investigation.

Hezbollah chief: Iran to ship more fuel to Lebanon

A third and a fourth fuel-laden vessel is expected to head out of Iran towards Lebanon in the future, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says.

Lebanese president, PM sign decree on gov’t formation

Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati have signed a decree on the formation of the new government, the presidency announced on Friday, ending 13-month deadlock that has worsened the country’s economic situation.

Assad: Syria to continue Lebanon support

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad promised Damascus will continue to support crisis-hit Lebanon and stand with its people at all levels.

Iran Calls for Lifting of US Sanctions against Syria

The Islamic Republic of Iran has objected to the US sanctions against the Syrian people, calling for the lifting of sanctions as soon as possible.

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