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Iraqi Airspace Not Used for Drone Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities: PM

Iraq denied reports alleging that its country was the site from where Yemeni drones were launched to attack Saudi oil installations in retaliation for the kingdom’s deadly war.

Consequences of Israeli Attacks on Iran-Backed Forces in Iraq

Political commentator Fatemeh Sayyahi has weighed in on the consequences of attacks by the US and Israel on bases of the Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.

Alarm for Abdul-Mahdi’s Gov’t: Time Running Short in Land of Political Executions

It took more than eight months for Adil Abdul-Mahdi to complete his cabinet after being elected prime minister of Iraq (from October 2018 when the government was formed with 14 ministers), and the full-fledged government has been active for more than a month.
Israeli Soldiers

What Does Israel Want in Iraq?

An Iranian political analyst has enumerated the reasons behind the Israeli regime’s willingness to get closer to Iraq, saying Tel Aviv’s main objective is to cut off Iran’s links with the axis of anti-Israel nations in the Middle East.

Baghdad’s Silence on Israeli Raids against Iraqi Soil Raises Eyebrows

Baghdad has laid the groundwork for confrontation among regional countries by allowing Israel to conduct attacks on the Iraqi soil. The question that arises here is, has the Iraqi government abandoned neutrality?

What’s Purpose of Iraqi PM’s Recent Short Visit to Iran?

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi travelled to Iran on Monday evening in an unexpected visit that lasted only for a couple of hours, holding talks with Iran’s president.

Iraqis Storm Bahrain Embassy to Protest Manama Confab

Scores of Iraqi people have stormed the Bahrain embassy in the capital city of Baghdad to protest Manama's decision to host a key summit where the US showcased its so-called deal of century to end Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Baghdad Green Zone Blast Handiwork of US: Sources

Iraqi sources say the recent Katyusha rocket blast in the Green Zone of the capital, Baghdad, was the handiwork of Washington itself.

‘Iraq Foils Major Plot to Reorganise ISIS Militants’

The Iraqi intelligence forces have thwarted a major plan by the ISIS terrorists to regroup in the Arab country, a media report says.

Blackwater Begins Training ISIS Terrorists in Iraq: Lebanese Paper

The notorious US security firm Blackwater has begun training members of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq, a new report says.