Thursday, August 18, 2022

Iran-Syria Relations

Iran supports Russia’s anti-terror airstrikes in Syria

Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said Iran and Russia have always supported the people and government of Syria in the face of terrorism.

Iran always supported Syria during four years of conflict

Afkham also noted that incorrect and bigoted policies towards the crisis in Syria are even affecting the efforts of the UN and other organizations.

Iran to enforce peace plan for Syria after consultation with Russia: Deputy FM

Iran's political plan to settle the Syrian crisis will enter the operational phase after consultations with Russia, Hossein Amir Abdollahian said.

Key to Syria crisis is not in terrorists’ hands: Speaker

Larijani told his Syrian counterpart Iran deems it a duty to support the government and people of Syria until the stage is set for dialogue and peace will be ready.

Some Mideast countries dream of restoring empires: Iran official

Some regional countries dream of reviving former empires which dominated the Arab countries, and certain countries support terrorism in the region with different motives, said Velayati.

Iran-Syria ties backbone of Mideast relations: Velayati

We believe that the Syrian government and nation will emerge victorious in the end and that it will certainly be the Americans and Israel who will suffer defeat, said Velayati.

Deputy FM comments on Riyadh- and PGCC-Tehran ties

A senior Iranian Foreign Ministry official has said that Tehran stands by the Syrian people and government and that people in the Arab country should decide their future in a democratic process.

Zarif, Assad warn terrorism threatens all countries

Foreign Minister Zarif has reaffirmed Iran’s firm support for the Syrian nation, saying Syria's fate should be decided by its own people without any foreign meddling.

Terrorists have no mercy for anyone: President Rouhani

President Rouhani has said that no doubt terrorists will eventually suffer defeat and will be driven out of the region.

Iran ready for media, cultural cooperation with Syria: Jannati

Iranian and Syrian poets, elites and authors can have good cooperation and play an effective role in introducing each other’s cultural and artistic works, said Ali Jannati.

Iran stands by Syria because it backs justice and truth

Iran’s culture minister has said that all those involved in the resistance front should be actively present in the fight against Zionism, Takfirism, ignorance and bias which has its roots in misinterpretation of Islam.

Support for terrorists causing tragedy, instability in region: Iran

In a meeting with Staffan de Mistura, Zarif reaffirmed Iran's position on the need for a political settlement of the crisis in Syria.

Major change in regional relations is in the offing: Leader’s advisor

Head of the Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati said relations between Iran, Iraq and Syria, with a long history of civilization, are exemplary.

Syria front line of defense against Israel: Iranian official

Undermining Syria will definitely lead to crises and uncontrollable situations in all neighboring and regional countries, Shamkhani said.

Foreigners can never impose will on Syria: President Rouhani

President Rouhani says that terrorists can never succeed in their plots against Syria.

US, allies fan crisis in region for Israeli safety: Iran top official

The ongoing crisis in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq shows “a pervasive plot by the US, the Zionists and reactionaries in the region,” Velayati said.

Assad praises Iran’s pivotal role in defeating terrorists in Syria

Dreams of some states for controlling the region, creating strife and even disintegrating certain countries will never come true, said Velayati in a meeting with the Syrian president.

Takfiris fighting proxy war for US, Israel: Iran defense minster

Syrian people with their unparalleled resistance made bullies understand that they cannot force the region’s Muslim nations to surrender, said Brigadier General Dehghan.

Iran will do its best to end bloodshed in Yemen: Zarif

Tehran is deeply concerned about the killing of defenseless people in Yemen and will make its utmost efforts to bring an end to this massacre, said Zarif.

Iran voices concern over dire situation of Palestinians in Yarmuk camp

Afkham called on the UN to act on its responsibilities with regard to the human tragedy and oblige the countries which support the terrorists to cut their arms and financial aid.

Iran deplores human tragedy in Syrian Kurdish town of Hasakah

Iran has condemned the terror attacks in a Syrian Kurdish town, hoping that terrorism would be uprooted by the cooperation of regional governments.

Attack on Shia Lebanese in Syria serves Israel: Iran

Iran called on the UN to seriously confront terrorism and oblige countries to fulfill their commitments as stipulated in Security Council resolutions.

Iran, Russia ties help Syria fight terror: Velayati

A senior Iranian official says “constructive” cooperation between Iran and Russia has helped the Syrian nation gain the upper hand in its battle against the militants.

Iran FM: Divisive schemes to backfire on plotters

The Iranian foreign minister has said that attempts by those countries which seek to divide Muslims will backfire.

Iran will keep supporting Syria’s anti-terror fight: Larijani

The Iranian government and nation are prepared to expand all-out cooperation with the Syrian government in order to establish regional stability and security, said Ali Larijani.

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