Sunday, January 29, 2023

European Union

EU Parliament sacks VP over corruption scandal

The European Parliament has voted to dismiss its vice president over claims that she took bribes from an unnamed Persian Gulf country.

Russian FM says US seeking to weaken EU

The United States is aiming to weaken the European Union, both militarily and economically, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated.

EU’s Mora ‘detained by police at German airport upon return from Iran’

The European Union’s deputy foreign policy chief, Enrique Mora, says he was “detained” at the airport by German police upon his return from Iran despite holding a diplomatic passport, without any explanation.

Official: Iran to increase flights to Europe

Iran’s national airline plans to increase flights to Europe in the current Iranian year (starting on March 21), head of Civil Aviation Organization Mohammad Mohammadi-Bakhsh said on Saturday.

Sources: Top EU officials targeted with Israeli spyware

Senior officials at the European Commission were targeted last year with spy software designed by an Israeli surveillance firm, according to two EU officials and documentation reviewed by Reuters.

52% of Brits want to rejoin EU in reversal of 2016 referendum

A majority of people in Britain would vote to rejoin the European Union, new polling by Savanta ComRes has found.

NATO to expel several Russian diplomats

NATO has decided to slash the size of the permanent Russian delegation at its headquarters in Brussels in response to alleged "malign activities".

EU, Australia trade talks postponed over submarine deal

Trade talks between Australia and the European Union (EU) have been delayed over Canberra’s decision to cancel a multibillion-euro submarine deal with France, EU and Australian officials said Friday.

EU says has no option but to engage with Taliban

The European Union has no choice but to talk to the Taliban government in Afghanistan and Brussels will try to coordinate with member governments to organise diplomatic presence in Kabul, the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell says.

EU mulls security, economic pacts with Afghanistan neighbors

The European Union (EU) says the block is seeking allies among Afghanistan’s neighbours, including Iran, in an effort to shore up support in the event the Taliban group becomes an unstable force.

EU to engage with Taliban without recognition of its government

The European Union (EU) laid out strict conditions under which it will engage with the Taliban but has drawn a line under recognizing a new government in Afghanistan.

EU Must Counter US Unilateralism: Iran’s President

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the European Union, as an important player in the world arena, must play an appropriate role in countering US unilateralism.

UK Finally Leaves EU, Leaps into the Unknown

With little fanfare, the United Kingdom left the European Union on Friday after 47 years of membership, taking a leap into the unknown in a historic blow to the bloc.

The Costs of European Integration to White House

In one of his most recent statements, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the end of US and Western hegemony in the international system. The remarks come as the EU and Eurozone are also facing a severe crisis of leadership.

‘EU Justifications for Delaying SPV Not Acceptable’

A senior Iranian official has blamed the European Union for its repeated delays in implementing the long-awaited financial mechanism to keep trade ties with Iran in the face of the US sanctions.

Iran Denies Reports on EU Commissioner’s Visit to Tehran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has dismissed the reports and speculations regarding the unexpected visit of a European Union official to Iran.

EU Renews Anti-Iran Sanctions over Human Rights Claims

The European Union has extended by another year sanctions against Iran over alleged claims of “human rights violations” despite the fledgling rapprochement between Tehran and the bloc since the 2015 landmark nuclear agreement.

Europe Votes to End Visa-Free Travel for Americas

The European Parliament (EP) has voted to end visa-free travel for Americans within the EU.

Iran’s Tejarat Bank Files Lawsuit against EU for Losses Incurred during Sanctions

Tejarat Bank has filed a lawsuit at the European Court of Justice (ECJ), seeking compensation for the losses it incurred during the sanctions that targeted Iran's nuclear program, the bank's CEO said on Saturday.

EU Summit Centre in Brussels Covered with Milk Powder

In a move to protest against dairy market overcapacity, dairy farmers sprayed a tonne of milk powder onto a building used by EU leaders for summits in Brussels on Monday.

Child Refugees at Risk of Freezing to Death on Europe’s Doorstep

Hundreds of child refugees in various European countries, particularly Serbia, risk freezing to death as temperatures plunge to as low as minus -16C.

Turkey Not to Forget 52 Years of European Deception

In a joint press conference with his German counterpart, Turkish Foreign Minister blasted the European Union’s deception in dealing with the issue of Turkey’s accession to the EU.

EU chief arrives in Tehran for expanding ties

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Mogherini arrived here Saturday morning.

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