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Iran Banking News

EU Reiterates Its Strong Support for Doing Business with Iran

A senior European Union official has once again declared the EU’s strong support for the Iran nuclear deal and economic cooperation with Tehran.

‘IMF, Int’l Banks Not Deterred by Trump’s Pressure from Working with Iran’

Iranian minister of economic affairs and finance says the US president’s recent anti-Iran remarks have had no impact on the approaches of the European and Asian banks as well as international financial institutes towards the Islamic Republic.

Iran Can Attract $3.5 Trillion worth of Foreign Investment: CBI

The Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI), Valiollah Seif, says the country has the capacity to attract $3500 billion worth of foreign investment in the next two decades due to its unique geopolitical and economic conditions.

Numerous Foreign Investors en Route to Iran: Central Bank

The governor of Iran's Central Bank says a huge number of foreign investors are on their way to Iran due to the consistent policies adopted by the Iranian government to achieve its main economic goals.

Iran, South Africa Call for Expansion of Banking Ties

Iran’s foreign minister and South Africa’s National Assembly speaker have discussed expansion of bilateral ties, particularly in banking sector.

Croatia’s Largest Bank Keen on Expanding Relations with Iran

A Croatian official says the East European state’s biggest bank has expressed willingness to deepen and expand relations with Iran.

Iran, China to Promote Banking Cooperation

Iranian and Chinese officials have called for expanding cooperation between the two sides’ banks in different fields.

Belarus to Promote Banking Relations with Iran

Mikhail Myasnikovich, the speaker of the Belarusian Parliament’s upper house, has underlined the need to remove the existing barriers to expansion of banking relations with Iran.

‘West Using FATF to Get More Concessions from Iran’

A senior Iranian lawmaker says the West’s refusal to remove Iran from the FATF’s blacklist is a breach of their commitments and a move to extract more concessions from the Islamic Republic.

Iran FM, German Minister Discuss Banking Cooperation

Iranian foreign minister and German finance minister have conferred on Tehran-Berlin banking cooperation in a Monday meeting in Berlin.

FATF Extends Suspension of Financial Restrictions on Iran

The world’s anti-money laundering body, known as FATF, has extended the suspension of its restrictions on Iran, lauding the Islamic Republic’s commitment to implement measures to address shortcomings in its anti-money laundering policies.

US Seizure of Iran’s Assets is ‘Banditry’: Iranian FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denounced the US government’s moves to seize or put freezes on Iran’s assets abroad as a plain case of international banditry.

Iranian Nationals in Britain Reject Rumours of Bank Account Closure

A number of Iranian nationals living in Britain have rejected the reports about the closure of their accounts in UK banks, expressing concern over the spread of such rumours which can tarnish their reputation and lead to the creation of growing distrust towards them.

Iranians Can Keep up to 10,000 Euros

Iranian people are authorized to keep up to 10,000 euros or its equivalent in other currencies, according to the country’s central bank.

Iran to Join FATF by May: Central Bank Governor

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran believes that the country will be able to meet the conditions needed to become a full-time member of the Financial Action Task Force when the organization takes up Iran's case in May.

Trump’s First Positive Move towards Iran Deal Implementation

A recent move by the US Treasury Department to allow US nationals to open accounts at Iranian banks could be perceived as US President Trump’s first positive move towards implementing the nuclear deal with Tehran.

Iranian MPs Call for Caution in Dealing with FATF

A number of Iranian lawmakers have criticized the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for its anti-Iran statement, and called on Iranian officials to be extremely cautious about the privileges they grant the organization.

Americans Allowed to Open Bank Accounts in Iran: Official

A source close to the Central Bank of Iran announced that Americans who live in Iran can open bank accounts in the country.

Iranian MP Calls for Use of Int’l Standards in Banking Transactions

An Iranian lawmaker underlined the need for using global financial standards in Iran’s economy so that the country’s international banking and economic relations can develop.

MP Calls for Use of IFRS to Boost Foreign Investment in Iran

An Iranian MP has emphasised the need to use the international accounting standards in order to attract foreign investors to Iran.

Meeting of Iran’s Central Bank, US Treasury, and Int’l Banks Postponed

A meeting between officials from the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), the US Treasury and international banks in London to discuss banking restrictions on trade with Iran despite a lasting nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers has been delayed, the British government said.

Iran’s economy grows 4 percent in six months

A report released by the Central Bank shows that Iran’s economy posted 4 percent growth in the first half of the year [started March 2014].

Central Bank chief expounds on new banking corruption case

The corruption occurred between 2006 and 2012. However, officials learned about it in 2013.

Final nuclear deal to spur Iran economy: CBI official

A senior Iranian banking official forecasts a six-percent economic growth for Iran in case Tehran and six world powers reach a final accord on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

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