Syria: Israel targets Damascus neighborhood

Israel has launched a missile attack on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, state TV reported early on Wednesday, citing a military source. The raid reportedly caused some material damage but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Syrian state TV reported early on Wednesday that Israel had launched an aerial attack with a number of missiles targeting an area in the Damascus’ countryside.

Citing an unknown military source, the Syrian state TV added that the attack resulted in “some material damage.”

Syria’s official news agency SANA also reported the development and said the Israeli aggression took place in the town of Zakia, in the western Damascus countryside, in the early hours of the day.

“At approximately 12:56 a.m. today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression with a number of missiles from the direction of northern occupied Palestine, targeting a point in Damascus countryside in the Zakia area, which led to some material losses,” SANA quoted a military source as stating.

There were no immediate reports of possible casualties and the state-run news agency gave no details on the sites targeted.

SANA reported Syrian air defenses responded to the missiles that had been launched from over northern Israel. The strike comes less than a week after Syrian air defenses intercepted missiles over the same area.

Israel frequently targets military positions inside Syria, especially those for Hezbollah, which has played a key role in helping the Syrian army in its fight against the foreign-backed terrorists.

The Tel Aviv regime mostly keeps quiet about its attacks on Syrian territories, which many view as knee-jerk reaction to the Syrian government’s increasing success in confronting terrorism.

Israel has been a main supporter of terrorist groups that have opposed the government of President Bashar al-Assad since foreign-backed militancy erupted in Syria ten years ago.

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