Simple, Effective Methods to Transfer Songs from Mac to Android

Are you searching for the best way to transfer music from mac to android? imusic is a great option for you.

Are you searching for the best way to transfer music from mac to android? imusic is a great option for you.

This tool helps android users to move their favorite music from mac ios.  It let you download music from the library and also help you to move songs between Android phones.  It makes you save a collection of songs in mac and move to the Android phone at any time. It will shift songs safely from various genres. However, it assists you to utilize iTunes software that let music lovers move song files quickly in different devices.

Ways to transfer music from mac to android:

There are lots of ways available to transfer music files easily from mac to android device.   You might able to transfer your favorite music to android with effective methods which includes

  • Imusic– Imusic is the most popular tool for transferring music in these days. It gives better solution to people those who like to move songs to android mobile.
  • Android file transfer– It is a new tool transfer songs with no hassle from mac to an android device. The Android file transfer allows the user to connect the Android device with mac. You have to download and install the android file transfer on your device, and then connect it to the android phone. You just copy songs on mac move to the new folder.
  • Google play music– It allows you to transfer plenty of songs in your folder to any android device elegantly. Without using a USB cable, you might upload lots of music on google play music and download songs with wifi. It let users upload at any time on google play music.

Here a few steps are explained how to transfer music from mac to android by using imusic.


To transfer songs, you must have to install imusic tool on your Mac device, then connect it to your android by USB. You need to choose the USB device on mobile to make the best connection between mac and android. If you connected an android phone, then you might enable device option on the tool.

Step 2:

You just select music icon on the imusic to transfer songs. You might double click on the music from the library and choose songs which you would like to move to an android device.  Once you selected songs and then hit open option. It takes a few seconds to shift songs to the android device.


imusic is a perfect tool used by lots of Mac users. It helps users feel free on moving music files to another device. It provides an ideal method for people to shift songs. In this above following content, you might explore steps to transferring files to the Android device. It assists you to move fast and synchronize on your device. So, visit the imusic website to get more effective ways how to put music on android from mac.



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