Friday, January 21, 2022

Sattari highlights role of knowledge-based firms in boosting exports

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Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari has highlighted the role of knowledge-based and creative companies in developing exports and enhancing science and technology diplomacy.

In a meeting with heads of Iranian missions in neighboring countries on Monday, Sattari said the Islamic Republic prioritizes export of products and services of knowledge-based and creative companies to neighboring countries.

“The export mechanism of this type of products is different from exporting other goods and has its own complexities, based on which, we defined the structures, support and export programs for the international supply and marketing of Iranian goods and services,” Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology explained.

“Accordingly, the export development and technology exchange corridor seek to increase the export capacity of companies by providing training, financial support, marketing, patent registration and the presence of knowledge-based companies in international events and exhibitions,” he said, adding that fortunately, with the proper infrastructure now in place, Iranian knowledge-based companies are gradually entering international markets.

Exports of knowledge-based products, excluding information technology and digital businesses, are expected to reach more than $ 700 million, he added.

He described Iranian innovation and technology houses in other countries as a base for introducing and marketing Iranian knowledge-based and creative products.

Sattari added houses of technology and innovation are important for introducing Iranian-made products, creating export markets and stimulating demand, while with events such as support programs, team-building, and encouragement, they seek to promote knowledge-based and creative Iran-made products.

Emphasizing that Iran should be recognized as an innovative and technologically advanced country by its neighbors, he said the houses of innovation and technology will be set up with the support of the office of the vice president for science and technology and by the private sector to introduce the innovative image of Iran.

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