Sunday, October 2, 2022

Religious Minorities Will Vote in Elections as Seriously as Other Citizens

Prominent figures from religious minorities in West Azerbaijan Province, in a gathering arranged by the IRNA news agency, said that religious minorities are inseparable parts of the Iranian nation and take part in all aspects of life. This includes the upcoming elections, where they will vote alongside their compatriots.

Daryavoush Azizian, a priest from the Eastern Assyrian Church, commented on the lives of followers of minority religions in West Azerbaijan Province. He said that they are mostly Assyrians and Armenians, and what they have in common is that they are both Christians. He added that Assyrians are an ancient people who had lived in Iran in the pre-Christian era, later converting to the religion.

Speaking about the elections, he said that voting is a highly prized individual right, and everybody should be grateful to have such a privilege.

Paylagh Sahak, the head of the Armenian Church in West Azarbaijan, said, “We have been living in this country since ancient times, and have stood alongside our fellow countrymen at all critical junctures in history, such as the revolution, the war and during the sanctions. The upcoming elections are another critical moment, and we will be present and active in this area as well.” He added that Armenians will participate strongly in the elections, and will show our national strength to the world.

Bet Kelya, an Assyrian citizen from the northwestern city of Urmia, said that the elections are a prominent symbol of democracy, which indicate that Iran follows democratic principles and determines its own future by holding elections in line with the global community.

He added that the participation of all religious and ethnic groups and minorities in the elections is a sign of national unity and friendship.

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