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Nose Job in Iran – 26 Tips for Rhinoplasty

Nose job in Iran and other countries in the world are the most popular surgery among most people. read more for 26 care tips for before and after rhinoplasty

What to do before and after a nose job

Rhinoplasty or nose job in Iran is one of the priorities in the life of people, especially young people. while rhinoplasty takes only 2 to 3 hours, but the result can be with the person for the rest of his life. So, it’s really important to follow the Before and after rhinoplasty, tips to achieve the best results from your surgery. In this article, we are going to talk about 26 important preoperative and postoperative care tips that you should observe to have the best rhinoplasty recovery. So, if you decide to have a nose job in Iran or any other country, stay with us.


The purpose of nose job

Before a nose job in Iran, you should determine the purpose of the operation and in case of mental problems, these problems should be treated first. First of all, the applicant’s motivation for rhinoplasty must be completely reasonable and correct in order to get an acceptable result from his rhinoplasty. It doesn’t matter if you want to do a nose job in Iran or any other country can be performed for a variety of purposes, so a person who is a candidate for rhinoplasty (even for the treatment of nose problems) will definitely undergo cosmetic changes. The purpose of rhinoplasty may be one of the following:

  • Shrink the nose
  • Enlargement of the nose
  • Treatment of nasal deviation
  • Removing the nose hump
  • Nasal polyps


Visiting the doctor; most important part of a nose job in Iran

The surgery you choose can definitely have a huge impact on your happiness or discomfort after your nose job. Especially, if you want to enjoy medical tourism in Iran, make sure the surgeon is an expert and see before and after photos of patients. Each person’s request and perception of the postoperative appearance is different, so you cannot achieve the desired result by imitating others. Keep notes of what you learned from the process of having rhinoplasty in mind, and after consulting, choose any doctor who is closer to your criteria. Be sure to consider your health as well, as respiratory problems after surgery can bother you for the rest of your life.


26 tips for before and after rhinoplasty

Preoperative care of nose job

Before rhinoplasty, the person seeking surgery must do some preparative care to have a better recovery period. Here are the most important tips for before nose job in Iran or other countries. But note that you should consult your doctor for more detailed information.

1) You should not use aspirin for two weeks before the operation.

2) Tobacco and nicotine cause narrowing of blood vessels and also impair blood circulation, so avoid using it at least 2 weeks before rhinoplasty.

3) 8 hours before the operation, avoid eating and drinking.

4) Drink plenty of water the day before surgery.

5) Take a shower the night before the operation. In addition to cleansing the body of any makeup, lotions, and creams, it can also help you relax.

6) If you have nail polish, clean it.

7) Be sure to check the ways to get to the clinic or hospital where you are going to go so that you do not have stress on the day of surgery.

8) No jewelry should be with you on the day of the operation.

9) Avoid eating and drinking separately on the day of surgery.

10) Bring your medical test with you on the day of surgery.


Postoperative care of nose job

The first 24 hours after surgery are the most difficult time for a person to recover. During this time, the effects of anesthetics have not disappeared. You may experience some headache, swelling, bruising, and nosebleeds at this time. It is better for the person to just rest at this time and use the painkillers prescribed by the doctor. Here are all the things you should do after your nose job.

1) Be sure to ask your doctor about the best time to take a bath after rhinoplasty.

2) Use an ice compress around the nose and under the eyes for at least 24 hours after surgery to reduce bruising and swelling.

3) Use mixed and soft liquids and foods for up to 24 hours. Avoid foods and fruits that need to be chewed, such as carrots, apples, and so on.

4) Traveling by plane in the first days after rhinoplasty is not recommended.

5) Sneeze or cough with your mouth open so that no pressure is applied to your nose.

6) Avoid pinching and pressing on the nose as it may cause bleeding.

7) Avoid laughing and talking a lot in the first weeks.

8) Avoid eating salt.

9) Do not neglect foods that are useful to reduce facial swelling. Pineapple juice, aloe vera, and celery can help reduce facial swelling. To improve the taste of celery juice, you can mix it with carrot juice.

10) When resting and sleeping, put a few pillows under your head.

11) Use a soft toothbrush.

12) Do not wear prescription glasses or sunglasses for two months. You can replace the lens.

13) For the first few weeks, avoid lowering your head and lifting heavy objects, as well as strenuous exercise.

14) It will take time to reduce the swelling and sticking of the skin of the nose to the skeleton, so the swelling on both sides of your nose will definitely be different, even if both sides are treated the same. So do not worry about this.

15) Gluing is to reduce swelling and the skin of the nose to stick to the skeleton, so be careful how to glue the nose.

16) In the first days and months after rhinoplasty, the shape of your nose is not completely clear, so do not allow other people to judge.


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