Friday, September 30, 2022

It takes a lot of guts to earn your keep up there in the sky

Tina, a young Iranian girl, has tapped into her past rock climbing experience to make a living by cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings in Tehran.

Most people show a natural degree of fear when exposed to heights, but to some, acrophobia [fear of heights or high places] is totally meaningless.

Many high-rise buildings or skyscrapers have large expanses of windows or glass walls, but who is supposed to clean them and how? Sky cannot be a safe workplace, but there are people who make their living up there in the air.

It is hard to believe that a young girl hangs by a thread, literally, to clean windows of high-rise towers. It is also unthinkable that a young girl is left hanging in the air as she goes ahead with her window cleaning job.

To go up and down in the air is a stressful and dreadful job that even men can hardly accept to do, but Tina, a young Iranian girl, has the guts to take care of that, showing no fear or anxiety whatsoever.

Tina says she used to be a rock climber [who has repeatedly climbed up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls]. For the past two years she has been employed by a company which cleans the windows of towering buildings in Tehran.

Tina says she feels no fear when she’s doing her job [window washing]. The tallest buildings she has so far dangled from are the twin towers in Tehran (27 stories).

The following are the pictures Jamejamonline ( has recently released showing Tina cleaning the windows of a tall university building helped by one of her colleagues:

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