Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Iran’s nuclear case, a sign of waning Arab powers

Arman-e Emrooz has in an opinion piece said that Iran – a regional heavyweight – can have a big say in the formation of new regional and world order.

Iran’s nuclear case is of great importance as far as international order is concerned. Observers suggest that the nuclear case of Iran is not just a file about [a country in] the Middle East, but that it is a case which will help international order take on a new form and meaning.

Arman-e Emrooz daily published an opinion piece by Mehdi Motaharnia, an international relations expert, in its May 13th issue on Iran’s nuclear program and where the Arab leaders stand on that. The following is the translation of excerpts from the piece:

[…] Whether or not the nuclear case culminates in a comprehensive agreement in a democratic fashion, the region needs to remain poised for significant developments [around the corner]. It is the very point where the stances of Arab countries take on a certain meaning.

Assumptions that the Arabs are dependent on the US and that America always supports the Arab countries no longer make sense. Today a yawning chasm has emerged between the Arabs and the US. […]

The concerns expressed in royal courts of Arab countries have no other reason than realization that Iran – as a big regional player – is taking measures and showing its capabilities at a global level. They have woken up to the fact that Iran is trying to be a factor in the future regional order and bring on board international players […].

A Camp David summit [which is to be held this week] and the positions the Arab leaders will take there will certainly showcase the concerns in Arab capitals over the future of regional order.

This future shows itself by forming international order and depicting the Persian Gulf and the Iranian Plateau as one of the most important geographical zones in regional order. It can also raise growing concerns in Arab nations where those in power have shown unwillingness [to take part in] and opposition to the Camp David Summit.

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