Iran’s Largest Hydro Power Plant to Be Built in Yazd with Foreign Investment

Iran’s Largest Hydro Power Plant to Be Built in Yazd with Foreign Investment

Iran’s largest hydro power plant will be constructed in central Yazd province with foreign investment.

The permit to finance the project by a foreign investor has been issued by the state Organization for Investment and Economic-Technical Assistance.

The investor is currently making the preliminary arrangements and finding a suitable location to build the power station.

As announced, the plant will be able to generate 300 megawatts of electricity. Moreover, the investor has the necessary permits to directly export that electricity to Iran’s neighbouring countries.

The project comes with a price tag of €300 million. The permission to implement the project was issued after several expert meetings were held to give the green light to foreign investment for the plan, offer guidelines and incentives for investment, and accredit the investor.

Surveys show Yazd is a desert area and catches much sun, and that is why it called Iran’s “Paradise of Solar Power.”

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  1. are they going to dry the qanats for this project or what this is idiocy just use solar power already and stop this mess yazd will become inhabitable if one dries its water supplies even more and if you mean solar and not hydro power than please stop the errors


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