Friday, December 9, 2022

Iran’s FM Urges Regional Players Not to Complicate Situation in Syria

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif lashed out at certain countries’ approaches towards the Syrian crisis, saying such moves as deployment of ground troops to the Arab country would just exacerbate the crisis.

On February 4, Saudi Arabia voiced readiness to participate in any ground operations in Syria if the US-led coalition purportedly targeting terrorists decides to start such operations.

In reaction, Zarif stressed on Friday that all sides should concentrate on the political solution, and avoid further complicating the situation.

Speaking to Iranian journalists in the German city of Munich, the Iranian minister further urged certain countries not to pin the blames on an issue which is “more an illusion than a reality.”

“These countries should wake up and in the first place consider these (terrorist) groups as a threat to themselves,” Zarif said, stressing that such a realistic approach should be adopted on the ongoing crisis in Syria.

There is a need for cooperation to resolve the Syrian crisis, Zarif said, calling on certain groups to put aside their wishes of imposing their own resolution on the Arab country’s nation.

He also touched upon the recent talks in Munich between global players, saying that everyone should unite against extremist and terrorist groups and help prepare the grounds for delivery of humanitarian aid to Syrian people.

The remarks came after world actors convened on Thursday in Munich and agreed to a plan to “cease hostilities” in Syria within a week and dramatically ramp up humanitarian access in the war-ravaged country.

Ministers at Thursday’s talks wrangled over three core issues: a gradual cessation of hostilities with a firm end date, humanitarian access to cities being besieged by both sides and a commitment that Syrian parties return to Geneva for political negotiations.

Diplomatic delegations from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Britain, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the US as well as the Arab League, the European Union and the United Nations attended the Munich talks.

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