Sunday, November 27, 2022

Iranian-Made App Predicts Tree Damage

Derakhtban is an Iranian-made mobile application that can predict the date and time trees being uprooted or broken with 87% precision.

Nozar Nozari, the app developer, told Mehr that Derakhtban (meaning Tree Protector) can receive location and appearance information about the tree and connect to weather stations (synoptic charts providing information on air pressure, rainfall, wind and temperature), analyse the data and predict the time of the tree being uprooted or broken with 87% precision.

He went on to add that his application has the option to store data on a geographical information system (GIS), and can inform the gardener of the date of frost with high precision.

According to him, Derakhtban can predict soil moisture and suggest an appropriate time for watering, thus having the highest efficiency in terms of water consumption.

Derakhtban can receive information about the types of trees and identify pests and other problems, then offer solutions to the gardener,” he said.

Nozari stressed that his application has been designed for the very first time and has no similar domestic or foreign version.

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