Iran: US staunch supporter of Israel as world’s number one child-killer

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says the US is supporting Israel as the world's greatest child-killer regime.

Nasser Kanaani said in a tweet, “US National Security Advisor (Jake) Sullivan travelled to Tel Aviv along with (US President Joe) Biden to reaffirm Washington’s unconditional support for a child-killer regime.”

Kanaani also posted a picture of the front page of a New York Times issue that in May published the pictures of all the Palestinian children killed in attacks by the Zionist regime in its latest 11-day war on the Gaza Strip.

The caption on top of the picture read, “They Were Just Children.”

Kanaani further hit back at Sullivan over his claim that Iran supports the killing of Ukrainians.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said lying is a “profitable sell” among US politicians.

Kanaani further noted that the US only distorts truth to achieve its heinous goals. His comments come after Biden described himself as a “Zionist” during his visit to Israel.

The US is the staunchest ally of the Israeli regime in the world. Washington has shielded Tel Aviv at the UN Security Council by using its veto power many times in the past.

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