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Iran supports friends against hostile acts of enemies: Velayati

The Islamic Republic of Iran serves as a camp of pious believers and enjoys an extremely high status in the fight against arrogant powers, said Nouri Al Maliki.

Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati stressed respect for the territorial integrity of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, and said that Iran supports friendly countries against hostile acts of enemies.

Ali Akbar Velayati made the remarks Monday at a meeting with Iraqi Vice-President Nouri al-Maliki.

Velayati said that Iraq has a legal government which is democratically elected, so any faction or individual who wants to express ideas should do that through legal means and there is necessary freedom in the country to express different opinions.

“There is no mediation for those who violate the law,” Velayati said, adding, “In Iraq unity has been formed among Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites and if cooperation among these three is challenged, Iran will help remove the misunderstanding.”

Velayati said that as the Supreme Leader has stated the US is after influence in the region and seeks to disintegrate Iraq and Syria, but that Iran stands against hostile acts of enemies and support friendly countries.

Velayati added that Iran will defend the territorial integrity of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and all friendly states.

Iran denounces any move designed to disintegrate countries as a plot against the Islamic Umma and our relations with Iraq are not periodical or tactical, but strategic, he said.

The head of the Strategic Research Center said that a bright future for Iraq is around the corner, and added that Iran is ready to share its experiences in the field of research with Iraq and have closer scientific cooperation with it.

Iraqi Vice President Nouri Al Maliki, for his part, said that calls for the disintegration of Iraq serve the interests of the Zionist regime of Israel, adding that Iran is at the forefront of the anti-oppression campaign which brings together Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, nations well familiar with the culture of resistance and steadfastness in the fight against the global arrogance.

Maliki added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran serves as a camp of pious believers and enjoys an extremely high status in the fight against the arrogant world powers.”

He said that the Middle East grapples with uphill challenges today and the Shiite countries are today targeted by the enemies of Islam.

On the Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Council, Maliki said that the establishment of such centers contributes to the presentation of precise scientific reports in the campaign against the nasty plots hatched by the oppressors and enemies, adding that Iraq is interested in tapping into Iran’s experience in the establishment of such strategic research centers.

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