Thursday, December 1, 2022

Iran dismisses Arab League claims as biased, unconstructive

Despite the unfriendly stance of some countries, Iran will continue to play a constructive role in easing tensions and defusing crises, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari has described the anti-Iran claims brought up in the most recent statement issued by the Arab League as wrong, biased, unconstructive, and irrelevant to the issues the foreign ministerial meeting of the grouping was to discuss.

He underlined that Iran has “brotherly relations based on mutual respect with most Arab countries”, adding unfortunately a number of countries which are criticized by regional nations and the international community as the prime suspects in supporting extremism and terrorism are resorting to measures to portray Iran as a threat and to finger-pointing in order to divert attention from their own role in destabilizing the region.

At a time when a third Palestinian Intifadah is underway, regional states are expected to pay closer attention to regional issues, including the Zionist occupation [of Palestinian territories], full restoration of Palestinian rights, and measures to take on extremism and terrorism, so that the way can be paved for expanded cooperation in keeping with the common interests of regional countries and nations.

Iran is an active, responsible player in the region, he said, adding despite the unfriendly stance of some countries, it will continue to play a constructive role in easing tensions and defusing crises through interaction with its neighbors and the international community at large.

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