Sunday, October 1, 2023

Iran Rejects ‘Absurd’ Israeli Charge of Terrorism

Iran has responded to an Israeli letter to the United Nations, which accused the Islamic Republic of flouting UN Security Council resolutions and sponsoring terrorism.

In a letter to the council on Tuesday, Israel’s UN envoy Danny Danon leveled a series of accusations against Iran, including smuggling of weapons to Lebanon’s Hezbollah on board commercial flights.

“The letter, once again, contains a flurry of baseless and unsubstantiated accusations that are leveled against my country without, as usual, a shred of evidence,” Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Gholam-Hossein Dehqani said.

The Israeli accusation of Iran’s violation of Security Council resolutions, Dehqani said, “is equally baseless and this time amusing too, as it amounts to an innovative in-bulk leveling of accusations against a UN Member State.”

“At least, a regime that has brazenly flouted all UN General Assembly and Security Council resolutions about the lands it criminally occupies is not in a position to broach such a claim against other nations,” he said.

“In addition, it is absurd and hypocritical for the representative of a regime that has occupied the lands of other peoples for so many decades and denied every basic right of the Palestinian people, including their right to self-determination, to accuse occasionally my country of violating international law.”

Dehqani also hit out at Israel for accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorism, calling it “equally absurd and hypocritical.”

Israel, he said, “has for long been involved in terrorizing and indiscriminately targeting the Palestinian civilians, including women and children, in their own land and in terrorist targeted killings and assassinating individuals in many parts of the world.”

Dehqani said the accusations are “all a typical Israeli attempt to smoke screen their criminal policies and acts against the innocent Palestinians, including keeping  including keeping a two-million community under siege for 10 years” in the Gaza Strip.

The Iranian diplomat touched on the Israeli “bombing and shelling residential areas, destroying schools and hospitals, demolishing houses, confiscating dwellings, violating the sanctity of the religious shrines.”

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