Saturday, December 2, 2023

Iran president calls on Egypt, OIC to provide for reopening of Gaza Rafah crossing

The Iranian president has called on Muslim nations to take action to make it possible for humanitarian assistance to reach residents of Gaza, urging for the immediate reopening of the Rafah crossing on Gaza-Egypt border.

“We expect the Egyptian government and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to make it possible for the Rafah crossing to reopen as soon as possible, so that operation to send aid to the oppressed people of Gaza could begin,” said Ebrahim Raisi at a conference in the Iranian capital, Tehran on Thursday.

He added the United States’ veto of a UN Security Council resolution to stop Israeli crimes amounts to injustice against Palestinians.

“The veto, by the alleged supporters of human rights, of a resolution to halt Zionists’ crimes is tantamount to great oppression against Palestinian people and the human community,” said Raisi.

“What is going on today in Gaza against oppressed Palestinian people is a manifestation of your type of civilization, freedom and human rights, which touches the heart of every single human being on the earth, making them absolutely hate the US and the Israeli regime,” he added.

“The blood of oppressed Palestinian martyrs will disrupt the current unjust world order and replace it with a just one,” the president noted.

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