Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Iran opens first Islamic Awakening House

Speaker Larijani said Islamic Awakening movement may face obstacles in its way, but it keeps moving forward.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani was on hand Saturday for the inauguration of a first Islamic Awakening House in Isfahan.

In a keynote speech at the inaugural ceremony, the top MP said an awakening movement is sweeping across the Muslim world and what happened, among other places, in Libya and Egypt, was the result of such movement.

Etella’at newspaper covered the event in its October 12th issue and the following is the translation of Larijani’s remarks in the inaugural:

“Mischievous acts by the West and extremist policies they pursue inside Islamic countries could, on occasion, stand in the way of Islamic Awakening and block its dynamic forward movement. These movements may slip underground for a while, but they come out in the open again; that’s why these movements will never disappear.

“The more we try to promote the resistance mentality among the Islamic Awakening movements, the longer they would stay in the minds of people, and the more such movements keep distance from efforts to fight colonialism, the less they would be remembered by people.

“Some of these countries have had some problems in dealing with Islamic issues. They need to rise to the challenge and analytically address the root causes of such tribulation. Extremist currents too have created problems for Islamic nations.

“When the Constitutional movement was in the making in Tehran, it faced many challenges, mainly political in nature. Back then Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri, who was involved in the movement thanks to his intellectual background, was concerned. From time to time, today’s movements too encounter such problems.”

Larijani who was accompanied by Ali Akbar Velayati, the head of the Center for Strategic Research of the Expediency Council, officially launched ten books, namely, Occidentalism, Islamic Awakening, The Future Civilizational Horizon of the Islamic Revolution, Names and Movements, Transformed Iran, al-Islam, Vigilant Border Guards, The Sweet Smell of Awakening, The Awakening Story and an addendum for the inaugural of the Islamic Awakening House.

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