Iran makes Omicron testing kit

Iran produces the first testing kit for the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

The President of Kashan University of Medical Sciences in central Iran said the kit has been produced in the Molecular Biomarkers Laboratory of Kashan University of Medical Sciences by Majid Lotfinia, a member of the scientific board of this university.

Seyyed Alireza Moraveji added that the kit can detect different strains of the coronavirus including alpha, beta, gamma, epsilon, eta, zeta, utah, delta, delta plus and omicron.

The president of Kashan University of Medical Sciences further referred to the assistance of this university in the production of the diagnostic kit. He said the testing kit has been produced with the help of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, especially Dr. Hamidreza Banafsheh, the university’s Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology.

Moraveji said that a year of research was spent to make this kit. He added that 20 foreign companies have also produced the test kit and the product of Kashan University of Medical Sciences is quite similar to those made outside Iran, though with one fifth of the cost of foreign ones.

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