Iran rejects G-7 ministerial meeting statement regarding Gaza, nuclear work, Ukraine

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has dismissed as unfounded and categorically condemned allegations in a joint communiqué by foreign ministers of the G-7 group regarding the Israeli war on Gaza, Iran’s nuclear program as well as alleged Tehran’s military help to Russia in the war on Ukraine.

The meeting as well as a meeting by the UK and Japanese foreign and defense ministers were recently held in Tokyo.

“As we have repeatedly announced, nuclear weapons have no place in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military doctrine, and Iran’s nuclear objectives and program are completely peaceful,” he said.
“Accordingly, Iran has made good on all of its commitments as corroborated, time and again, by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” he explained.

The spokesman underscored, “Historical evidence and current experiences show that the military presence of extra-regional countries is among the key contributors to insecurity and instability in this region”.

He also described as unsubstantiated and farcical, claims in the above-said statements about resistance groups in Palestine and Lebanon.

Kanaani said, “Since day one of the current crisis in Gaza, the Islamic Republic of Iran has made relentless efforts to stop military strikes by the aggressor Zionist regime on Gaza and to save the lives of its citizens and innocent residents, and these efforts are going on.”

“The usurpation of the Palestinian nation’s land, the massacre of, and genocide against residents and owners of Palestine, the destruction of people’s homes and farms, the carrying out of attacks on, and the destruction of religious and Islamic sites, hospitals and medical centers, the killing of children, the detention and torturing of men, women and even children, humiliating and insulting the dignity of the Palestinian nation and committing dozens and hundreds of other moves in violation of human rights and international law are just part of the crimes committed by the occupying Zionist regime against oppressed Palestinian people, and these crimes continue unabated,” the spokesman said.

“The G-7 foreign ministerial meeting in Tokyo was expected to discharge its international responsibilities, namely to condemn Israeli actions in violation of human rights and international law in Gaza, drop support for war crimes and genocide in Gaza, and try to put an immediate and unconditional end to the military strikes, lift the blockade on Gaza, and provide free access for its citizens and residents to international humanitarian aid” he explained.

He also dismissed as unfounded, worthless and politically motivated allegations against Iran with regards to the Ukraine war, the missile program, drones, non-governmental players, and security in the seas and waterways.

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