Thursday, December 7, 2023

Iran’s ex-FM Zarif: Russia benefiting most from Gaza war

Iran’s former foreign minister Mohammadjavad Zarif says Russia has gained the most benefits from the recent conflict in Gaza.

“The one that has benefited most from this operation is definitely Russia,” said Zarif in a gathering held to discuss the issue of Paletine from the perspective of international law.
He then touchd upon specualtions that the Gaza battle is a proxy war.

“I believe the picture that some folks have painted of Hamas as a proxy is not correct either from a legal perspective or a political one,” the former top diplomat explained.

He underlined that Iran had no prior knowledge of Hamas’ plan to attack Israel on October 7.

“The reason why Iran had no prior knowledge of Hamas’ attack on Israel is that they (Hamas) do their job on their own. The reason why we and Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah didn’t know about the operation is that Hamas troops are independent,” Zarif explained.

“I believe anyone who has initiated a war since 1917 has not been victorious, except for two US operations in Granada and Panama. I believe war has lost its effectiveness,” he added.

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