Iran vehemently denies having sent arms to Palestinian resistance groups

A senior Iranian military commander has dismissed allegations that Iran has dispatched weapons to Palestinian resistance groups.

“The Israelis claim they have the most powerful intelligence services. Then how is it possible for Iran to send arms to Gaza without them (Israel) finding out?” said Brigadier General Mohammadjafar Assadi, a top commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

“Which of our aircraft or ships has carried arms there without Israel finding out?” the top general asked rhetorically.

“If we had done this, they would have accused us around the world,” he added.

“Those who claim they can read a newspaper inside a Palestinian’s home from space, should tell us how we could have sent weapons to Gaza,” he noted.

The Iranian general then lashed out at Washington for overtly sending weaponry to Israel.

“Today, the United States and Britain formally announce that they are sending arms to Israel, and no one questions them about this blatant action,” the senior commander said.

The accusation follows days of intense Israeli military attack on the Gaza Strip that has left more than 4,100 Palestinians so far.

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