Iran blames US for supporting Israeli genocide in Gaza

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian blasted the United States for backing Israel's war on the Gaza Strip which has so far killed more than 18,000 people, mainly children and women.

The Iranian foreign minister made the comments during a speech at a high-level meeting called “The Situation of Human Rights in Occupied Palestinian Territories, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Rights” in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The full text of the speech by Amirabdollahian is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful 

Your Excellencies, Ministers and Honorable Guests,

I am pleased to be attending this significant meeting. 

We are sharing our viewpoints in Geneva today at a time when the Israeli regime’s military strikes and genocide in Gaza continue through the killing of women, children and ordinary people. 

Please pay attention to figures and statistics carefully. Around 18,000 civilians, more than 12,000 of whom women and children, have been killed. 

A humanitarian ceasefire was violated by the Israeli regime. The exchange of the Israeli regime’s captives with over 9,000 Palestinian prisoners ground to a halt. 

The United States blatantly vetoed a resolution proposed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that highlighted an end to the war, the establishment of a ceasefire, the reopening of the Rafah and Abusalem border crossings, the dispatch of humanitarian aid including medicines, food and fuel, and the prevention of the forced displacement of residents of Gaza. 

Today, the United States openly supports the killing of women and children by the Israeli regime. 

The Israeli regime has spoken of using an atomic bomb against residents of Gaza. They are capturing and killing Palestinian men using the same style and method as the ISIS. Look at the images posted online in the virtual space. The Israeli regime’s behavior is the same as the ISIS’, and the United States keeps fully supporting the war against civilians. 

Dear guests,

We believe that the Israeli regime is merely an occupying and apartheid regime. Hamas is a Palestinian freedom movement against the occupation force.

Currently, we are witnessing war spreading day by day in West Asia and the region, a war that could turn into an uncontrollable explosion any moment. We believe war is not the solution.

Indubitably, the United States and the Israeli regime will never be able to destroy Hamas as Hamas has its roots in Palestinian people. The Israeli regime cannot secure the freedom of its captives by means of war. The solution would be a political one, only. 

All should respect the United Nations holding a real referendum among all original residents of Palestine.

The apartheid regime’s war and genocide should stop immediately. All governments should be actively involved in sending humanitarian aid to Palestine. We sternly warn that the consequences of this genocide threaten international peace and security. If genocide and war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank continue, the United States will have to incur further repercussions as a result of its ongoing support for the Israeli regime. 

One should bear in mind that complicity in genocide will have dire consequences. 

Thank you for your attention

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