Iran says attack on Gaza church another page of Israel’s history of crimes against humanity

The spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry condemned an Israeli deadly attack on a church in Gaza, saying this strike proves Israel does not feel obliged to any international law.

Nasser Kanaani said on Friday, “The insane raids on hospitals, mosques and churches indicate that the occupying Zionist regime does not abide by any human, moral, religious principles and values, or international rules and regulations.”

The Gaza-based Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, says “a large number” of people who were sheltering inside the Greek Church in the Gaza City, were killed in the Israeli bombardment.

Kanaani added, “This horrifying crime is denounced in the court of human conscience and in the eyes of all religions.”

He described it as an international responsibility to document Israel’s “ghastly crimes” to present them in competent international courts of law and punish the Zionist criminals and their well- known supporters.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman also said Israel’s supporters particularly the US and some European countries must be held accountable for the criminal acts of the Israeli leaders.

The attack on the Gaza church follows similar strike on Al-Mamdani Hospital in Gaza where more than 500 people mainly women and children were killed.

The Iranian official called the deadly attack on Gaza church “another bleak and disgraceful page in the long history of crimes, war crimes, and crimes against humanity by the Zionist regime and its political, military and security criminal leaders.”

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