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Intelligence Minister: We do not pry into people’s private lives

Intelligence Minister Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi says the onus to respect people’s rights is on those who are in charge of ensuring security in the country.

Aftab-e Yazd newspaper on December 10 reported the remarks of Intelligence Minister Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi in Bojnurd, North Khorasan province on his ministry’s responsibility of injecting a sense of security into society and its refusal to dig into people’s past and present. The following is the translation of what he said:

Thanks to unity among officials, people have grown more hopeful about the future and the noose has been tightened around the neck of adventurists and rouge elements.

When a sense of hilarity, happiness and security prevails in society, hope and dynamism will be created and the wheels of economy, industry and science start to spin.

A society with a boom economy will render enemy-imposed sanctions toothless, no matter how tough they are. Such a society will march toward scientific and economic stability.

People are the pillar of security in society and the Intelligence Ministry is seeking to ensure security and instill a sense of security in society in cooperation with members of the public. The country’s intelligence is based on religious concepts, and nothing comes out of the ministry but efforts to serve [people].

Today the stage has been set for the country to grow and develop due mainly to the unity and security which exist in the country. People from all walks of life can freely speak their mind, and political parties and groups are pursuing their goals through healthy rivalry facing no problem whatsoever.

Political parties and groups face no ban on their activities as long as they continue to act within the law and with no security issues in their gatherings. Political parties need to define what they do within the framework of healthy political rivalry; in case such rivalry grows [between them], political bickering and disputes find no room to thrive.

The Intelligence Ministry and the Unknown Soldiers of Imam Zaman [a term widely used to refer to intelligence agents] support no political groups and undertake their responsibility according to what law prescribes.

The plurality of parties and groups is a must to have hilarity and dynamism in society. We believe that all authorized political parties and groups are like children of a family where the multiplicity of taste does not translate into conflict.

A sense of security is also felt by students and professors in universities and seminary schools. They can stake out their views and positions [on different issues] facing no problem thanks to prevailing security [in society].

The government is not trying to marginalize political currents. The Intelligence Ministry and the Unknown Soldiers of Imam Zaman will not seek to promote or eliminate any political current. As far as the Government of Prudence and Hope is concerned, the ground will be prepared for those who contribute to the country’s march toward development.

All political parties and groups should concentrate their efforts on increasing synergy in the country since we are serving in the Islamic Republic under the auspices of the Vali-e Faqih [Guardian Jurist], and as the president put it, under one single flag raised by the Supreme Leader. The Islamic Republic has many things to offer to logically respond to its political opponents; In order to do so, there is no need for unfriendly terms or harsh treatment.

The intelligence forces have mobilized their potential not to bring disgrace on people; accordingly they take extra care when responding to inquiries [by government bodies] about individuals’ past performance. In reviewing such inquiries, when intelligence agents come to the conclusion that some ambiguities surround a person’s case, they invite him/her, put some questions to him/her and carry out field investigation to remove the ambiguities so that the rights of people are not trampled upon.

The country’s intelligence, judicial and police forces attach great significance to respecting people’s rights. The Intelligence Ministry which deals with people more than other bodies has to place respect for people’s rights on its agenda.

The Intelligence Ministry does not pry into people’s private lives because it is prohibited under the Sharia law. We should not create stress and fear for people. We have not been given a mission to read people’s minds [and learn about their intentions]. Since what we do has to do with people’s rights, we should take extra care in our behavior in order not to breach the rights of anybody.

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