“I’ll Come Back Again as a Tourist” – Zuma Falls in Love with Isfahan

Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s President, said, “After I leave Iran, I’ll surely come back and travel to Isfahan as a tourist. My recommendation to people is to not to ignore Isfahan as a tourist destination.”

As reported by ISNA, and translated by IFP, Jacob Zuma visited Naqsh-e-Jahan Square and Chehel Sotoun. He said, “Seeing the great pavilion of Chehel Sotoun and Naqsh-e-Jahan Square would make anyone feel awe-struck. It’s wonderful that all the buildings in the square have their own philosophy – it is not merely an open space.”

He added, “I thought I was only going to visit a square, but after my visit I realized that all the structures have a philosophy behind them. To see the great mosque among these other buildings makes you notice how religion and philosophy sit together.”

“It’s right to call Isfahan a tourist destination – we should all come to visit these sites.”

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