Houthis warn US against any violation of Yemen’s sovereignty, act of aggression

Yemen's Houthi movement has warned the United States and its allies against any violation of the country's sovereignty following US announced preparedness for sustained raids on Yemen.

Houthi spokesman, Mohammed Abdulsalam, made the remarks in a statement on Sunday, cautioning the Western powers that Yemen will counter any acts of aggression.

“We affirm that Yemen will not allow any violation of its sovereignty, [and] will confront any aggression it faces,” he said.

His comment came after the US and the UK conducted several missile attacks against Yemeni targets over the past month.

They claimed that the attacks were in response to strikes by Yemen’s Armed Forces against Israeli vessels or those bound for ports in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Yemeni forces have also launched missile and drone attacks on targets controlled by the Israeli regime in the occupied territories in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who have come under a genocidal US-backed war by the regime since October 7, 2023.

More than 25,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in the Israeli military onslaught so far, while over 62,600 others have been injured.

Abdul-Salam stated, “We affirm our support for Palestinian people by exerting pressure on Israel to stop its criminal aggression against Gaza.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he urged the United States to “stop evading responsibility for ending the aggression against Gaza.”

As the Israeli regime’s biggest ally, the US has provided Israel with unwavering military and political support during its onslaught on the coastal territory. It has armed the regime with more than 10,000 tons of military hardware, and has also vetoed all United Nations Security Council resolutions that called for cessation of the aggression.

“We appeal to all countries to stand alongside the Yemeni position, [and] not allow themselves to be victims of American deception,” he added.

He, meanwhile, reiterated that the targets of the Yemeni strikes in the Red Sea will continue to be “Israeli ships or those heading to occupied ports of Palestine”.

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