Thursday, January 20, 2022

Hezbollah praises Palestinians prison break as ‘strong slap in face’ of Israel

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The Hezbollah resistance movement has lauded the heroic escape of Palestinian prisoners from an Israeli maximum security jail as a "strong slap in the face" of the Tel Aviv regime.

Expressing congratulations to Palestinian people and resistance groups on the success of the prison break, Hezbollah praised in a statement on Monday the operation as an “unique achievement” and said it was highly commendable.

“The operation was a one-of-a-kind achievement and a strong slap in the face of the Israeli occupation forces as well as their strict security measures,” the statement added.

The Lebanese resistance movement noted, “It is a further evidence of the vitality, smartness, patience and continuous struggle of the Palestinian people to liberate their land and prisoners”.

Hezbollah stressed that the achievement is regarded as a new chance to highlight the plight of Palestinian prisoners at the regime’s jails, and an opportunity to expose Israel’s abusive practices as well as the serious violations of the Palestinian prisoners’ rights.

Israeli media reported on Monday that at least six Palestinian prisoners had escaped from the maximum security Gilbao Prison overnight, with regime troops launching a manhunt to arrest them.

Five of the prisoners were said to belong to the Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad.

The cellmates, serving life sentences, are believed to have fled through an underground tunnel from the Israeli prison, which they had managed to dig over the past few months.

Source: Press TV

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