Saturday, December 3, 2022

Health up for Sale in Beauty Salons

Jam-e Jam newspaper reports on the boom of health and beauty services in unlicensed beauty salons in Iran – words translated by IFP.


The extreme desire of some women to try and make themselves beautiful has rendered the means unimportant to them. For these women, make-up alone is not enough. It seems as if they want to be fully reconstructed. Many people have made it their business to fulfill the dreams of these women. The result? More than 20,000 unlicensed beauty salons in Tehran Province – though this statistic from last autumn is probably already out-of-date.

These beauty salons are more like markets now: markets for make-up services, health services, tattooing, micro-pigmentation, belly-button piercings, skin cleaning, filling, etc. Add to that sales of accessories, clothes and cosmetics. Now the profitability of this business is clear – which is the reason for such places growing like mushrooms all over Tehran.

Mohammad Mohammadi, the Head of Tehran’s Tazirat Organization [which enforces company and commercial laws], said that there are only 1,000 licensed beauty salons for women in Tehran, and warned that such places commit major infractions, as well as causing social deviance.

Afsar al-Moluk Yasan, head of the Tehran Union of Female Make-up Artists, said that any services given at the salons other those mentioned in their licenses are illegal, and you can only find such services in unlicensed salons.

She emphasized, “Botox, skin care services and skin cleaning has nothing to do with make-up artists – these are medical services. To file and design the nails is fine, but to implant nails is not their area of activity.”


Poor-Quality Products Advertised on Satellite TV Play with People’s Health 

Lasering, skin cleaning, injecting gels, removing moles, piercings, etc. – these are very popular services, which have turned certain beauty salons into multi-business centres.

Dr. Saeid Davoudi, dermatologist and a university faculty member, said, “Places that have become centres for health and medical services can jeopardize social health.”

He continued, “According to non-specialists, all patients are the same, so if one service works for one person, it will work for others too. This sort of advice has attracted so many customers.”

He criticized citizens who knowingly or unknowingly go to non-specialized beauty salons for health and/or medical services.

The very high profits from such services in salons, along with the desire of women beautify themselves are the cause of many infractions occurring in beauty salons.

This matter has eventually become a critical phenomenon in today’s society. It is not at all strange to hear from the Parliament Health and Treatment Committee that the illegal actions of beauty salons have put the health of some groups of people in serious danger.

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