Saturday, January 28, 2023

Growing Trend of Abortions in Iran

Statistics indicate that the number of people who visit medical centres for abortions has tripled within the past 10 years. Here’s IFP’s translation of a recent report on the subject by Khabar Online:

Based on World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, there are 205 million cases of pregnancy each year. One-third of them are unwanted, and one-fifth ends in intentional abortion.

Most abortions are the result of unwanted pregnancies, which can lead to abortion in many different ways.

In Iran, abortion is a condemned move, deemed as killing a person; however, official statistics demonstrate that thousands of babies are terminated before birth in Iran.

In early years of the 1990s, only 80,000 abortions took place each year, but these days we are faced with 220,000 cases in a year. Out of such a huge number of abortions, only 80,000 seem to be legal.

The number of visits by Iranian people to medical centres for abortions was 2,929 in 2006, but this increased to 9,955 by 2015, which shows a three-fold growth.

These statistics indicate that the trend of abortion in Iran is growing at a fast pace, which could be alarming for the country.

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