Don’t Miss These Important Questions from SSC CGL Previous Year Papers

The Staff Selection Commission has notified the dates of SSC CGL 2019 examinations to recruit employees for Group B and Group C posts in various ministries and departments of the Indian Government. SSC conducts the recruitment in four stages, where the first two stages are held in the online mode while the next two are held in the offline mode.

With the end in the application process and the release of the tentative examinations dates, the candidates need to pace up their preparation to enjoy all the perks associated with Central Government jobs. To ensure that the candidates are thorough with the preparation, they can not miss out on SSC CGL previous year papers. It will help the candidates to scale their preparations and work on the weak areas.

Exam Pattern of SSC CGL Examination

Before the candidate starts to revise from SSC CGL previous year papers, they need to be thorough the current exam pattern. The recruitment process of the candidates is done in four tiers as given below:

Tier-lMultiple Choice QuestionsCBT (online)
Tier-llMultiple Choice QuestionsCBT (online)
Tier-lllDescriptive PaperOffline mode
Tier-lVComputer Proficiency Test/ Skill TestOffline mode
  • The tier-l exam consists of 100 questions where each question carries two marks each. The total time span of the exam is 60minutes.
  • The tier-ll examinations comprise four sections where 100 questions are asked from each section. The total marks are 200 for this exam.
  • Tier-lll is a descriptive paper. The paper can be Hindi or English and will constitute 100 marks. The total time span is 60 minutes.
  • The tier-lV exam comprises a computer skill test or typing test.

Important Questions on Quantitative Aptitude from SSC CGL Previous Year Papers

The candidates can practise the Quantitative Aptitude from SSC CGL previous year papers to ace their preparations and have an idea on the topics that are generally given importance by the SSC. They need to practise the topics that have been repeated more than twice in previous years. Moreover, the candidates also need to keep the time span in mind when they go through the SSC CGL previous year papers.

Topic-Wise Question Distribution

TopicsNumber of Questions
Number System3
Simple and Compound Interest1
Profit, Loss and Discount2
Time and Distance1
Time and Work1
Data Interpretation4
Ratio and Proportion2

Some of the questions asked from these important topics are given below:

Question: A and B can together finish a work in 24days, and A, B and C can together complete a work in 8 days. How many days will C need to complete the work?

Answer: 12days

Question: A certain sum of money was divided among A, B and C in the ratio 5:6:9. What is the amount divided if A received Rs. 450?

Answer: Rs. 1800

Question: A profit of 15% was made by selling a bag at Rs. 230. What is the SP of the bag if the bag was sold at 20% profit?

Answer: Rs. 240

Question: A bus travels at a speed of 36km/hr. What is the distance covered by it in one second?

Answer: 10m

Important Questions on English Language and Comprehension from SSC CGL Previous Year Papers

To score well in the English language section, the candidates need to have a good grasp on the basics of grammar. Having a habit of reading and proper practice of the SSC CGL previous year papers will help the candidates to understand the areas they need to work on and improve.

Topic-Wise Question Distribution

TopicsNumber of Questions
Reading Comprehension5
Sentence Improvement5
Idioms and Phrases3
One Word Substitution3
Spelling Errors1
Fill in the blanks3
Spotting Errors3

Some of the questions asked from these topics include:

Question: Do your best, and we will back you ___.

Answer: Up

Question: Arun _____ his mother every morning.

Answer: Calls up

Question: Meaning of an axe to grind

Answer: Have a selfish interest

Question: A person who relies too much on bookish learning

Answer: Pedant

Important Questions on General Awareness from SSC CGL Previous Year Questions

In this part, the candidate needs to have a good knowledge of General Awareness. The candidates need to have good knowledge on various subjects like geography, physics, biology, physics, computer and sports. Also, candidates should daily go through the SSC CGL previous years papers as it will help the candidate to have a better understanding of the area they need to work for.

Topic-Wise Question Distribution

TopicsNumber of Questions
Indian Environment1
Current Affairs1
Indian Culture2

Some of the questions asked from these topics include:

Question: Neeraj Chopra is associated with which sports?

Answer: Javelin Throw

Question: In the recently held UEFA Euro-16 who is the runner up?

Answer: France

Question: Which is an emergency hormone in human?

Answer: Adrenaline

Question: Which term is not associated with Sound Wave?

Answer: Candela

Important Questions on Reasoning Aptitude from SSC CGL Previous Year Questions

The candidate needs to spend more time on this part as its more complicated and needs more time to solve. So candidates should prepare better in order to score good marks in this part. Also, practice the SSC CGL Previous Years paper as it will help the candidate in getting a proper understanding of reasoning and will also help them to score well in the exam.

Topic-Wise Question Distribution

TopicsNumber of Questions
Alphabet Test2
Blood Relations1
Odd one out3
Mirror Image1
Embedded Figure1
Paper Folding and Cutting1


Some of the questions asked from these topics include:

Question: In a given series, there is one missing term. Choose the alternative that is correct from the given ones that will complete the series.

4, 9, 16, 25, 36, ?

Answer: 49

Question: A is D’s brother. D is B’s father. B&C are sisters. How is C related to A?

Answer: Niece

Question: 5 girls are sitting in a row. P is to the left of M and to the right of O. R is sitting to the right of N but to the left of O. Who is sitting in the middle?

Answer: O

Question: If S = 19, SUN = 54, and the Cake = 20, then Mistake = ?

Answer: 78

Mark the Important Question 

In order to score well candidates needs to go through the SSC CGL previous year paper. It will not only help the candidates in having a good perception of the exam pattern but also help them to prepare well for their forthcoming exam. So, go through the pattern mentioned above and mark the question that you think is important for the SSC CGL exam 2019.

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